E-Commerce Virtual Assistant Services

Delegate your store management responsibilities to our remote workers so that you can focus on brand growth and revenue generation

Is your productivity going for a toss due to processing backlogs? Are you contemplating hiring a full-time professional to handle your back-office functions? Hold your decisions as ask if it is worth spending your valuable revenue on IT infrastructure and executives on the payroll. If not, consider delegating repetitive functions to our e-commerce virtual assistant.

At Express Virtual Assistant (EVA), we have remote assistants who are thoroughly familiar with the e-commerce landscape. This saves you the effort and cost of training new hires. EVA' e-commerce virtual assistant can handle a myriad of functions to keep your store buzzing with business in all season. Our VA can manage your inventory, client support, shipments, returns, and much more. At a fraction of the cost, you can be free from chores and stay organized 24/7.

E-Commerce Virtual Assistant Services We Offer

The gap in your business process can widen if you are solely managing roles that are best left to e-commerce assistant service provider like EVA. We charge only for the service and mitigate the risk of your customers defecting to the competition. Hire our e-commerce virtual assistant and become stress-free. EVA's e-commerce virtual assistant services include -

Customer Support

E-commerce Customer Support

Customer interactions can be a difficult aspect for most e-commerce businesses, beginning with startups. This is mainly due to the overwhelming number of inbound calls and emails that your relationship teams must deal with 24/7. Whether it is day or night, our remote agents can courteously respond to inbound communications so that every query and problem is addressed in a timely manner. We will walk the extra mile to guarantee satisfaction through our support.

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E-Commerce Product Data Entry

E-Commerce Product Data Entry

Our virtual assistant can add and update product information including names, SKU, brands, part numbers, and other information that are essential to maintain accountability. By referring to trade sources and manufacturer websites, we can ensure that the information is accurate.

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E-Commerce Transaction Management

E-Commerce Transaction Management

Maintaining a clean transaction record can be a challenge. By outsourcing e-commerce virtual assistant services, we can help you do away with the bottleneck because our remote assistants can oversee the buyer-seller transactions to ensure proper execution of the purchase. Our VA can liaise with the transacting entities to fulfill payments within the stipulated timeline.

E-Commerce Inventory Management

E-Commerce Inventory Management

We can monitor your product inventory to make certain that the demand and supply are always balanced. Our remote freelancers can update the stock availability on your e-commerce website with a near real-time count that reflects the actual availability of the product with sellers.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

If you want to populate your e-commerce website with accurate and SEO-friendly product descriptions that entice shoppers to click through, you can count on us. Our remote assistant can craft descriptions with the right search phrase for effective search engine visibility.

Competitors Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Knowing the markets is one thing and to know where you rank is another. To learn where you are positioned among the competing e-commerce companies, you will need a robust competitor analysis. At EVA, we provide projections of your business by comparing your performance with other competitors.

Order Processing

Order Processing

Express Virtual Assistant's e-commerce virtual assistant can swiftly process client orders received on your e-commerce site. From the successful placement of orders with sellers to sending the correct acknowledgment to buyers, we work with agility and care to provide a complete experience. The end-to-end order processing can be completed in a quick TAT to garner a strong consumer affection.

Product Image Enhancement

Product Image Enhancement

EVA's Virtual assistants can perform image processing by cleaning and optimizing product images. With knowledge of editing tools, we can perform functions like cropping, addition of background color, resizing, and inclusion of watermark. We can edit your product images to the exact specification to enhance the responsiveness and sales of your products.

Management of Product Category

Management of Product Category

Our remote assistants can process your product catalog to enhance the user-friendliness. To do so, our VA can determine the product category and sub-category before indexing the product catalogs exclusively for your clients. We are specialists in several e-commerce platforms such as Magento, ZenCart, Volusion, OSCommerce, NetSuite, MonsterCommerce, etc.

Coupon Data Entry

Coupon Data Entry

EVA's e-commerce virtual assistant services include coupon data entry where coupon and invoice processing can be taken care of by experienced e-commerce remote workers. Our team will use robust data capturing tools to gather and process accurate information.

Product Classification & Taxonomy Development

Product Classification & Taxonomy Development

We follow tried and tested approach to segment the e-commerce products. Accurate product classification and taxonomy can shorten the time spent by shoppers on your e-commerce site searching for relevant products. This will enhance the online experience and navigability of your e-commerce site.

Management of Return and Product Exchange

Management of Return and Product Exchange

We can give you 24X7 cover to process requests from clients who initiate return or exchange. Keeping track of products, checking the quality, and initiating refund can seem complicated without a dedicated team. However, we have e-commerce virtual assistants who are skilled in managing returns without leaving your client unhappy with the experience.

Process Followed by Our E-Commerce Virtual Assistants

Process transparency is by design our work philosophy because clients ask, "what does an e-commerce virtual assistant do?" and "how do they enhance productivity?" We take special care to give clear reasoning on how our remote assistants can make a difference in their business. When you outsource e-commerce virtual assistant services, we will professionally walk you through the following process -

1. Identification of Tasks for E-Commerce Virtual Assistants

The repetitive and resource-intensive task in your e-commerce framework will be identified and assigned to our e-commerce virtual assistant

2. Documenting the Procedure

We will collaborate with you to learn the ongoing workflow and deduce a better strategy to replace your existing ones by comparing insights

3. Test Procedural Validity before Delegation

We will simulate the delegated process in a near real-time condition and observed results will be exported for analysis to evaluate the effectiveness

4. Task Delegation

After successfully testing our strategy, we will delegate the e-commerce responsibilities to our virtual assistant deemed culturally fit for your business environment

5. Using Tools to Handle VA Tasks

EVA's remote associates are adept at automated tools that shorten the effort and time to complete the tasks. Therefore, the relevant VA tools will be utilized to gain pace

6. Competence Assessment

At regular intervals, we will evaluate the competence of our remote workers to determine if the outcome achieved by our team is superior to ones achieved by the client

7. Optimization of Procedure

Wherever possible, we will recommend optimization to improve your productivity. You can consider or ignore our proposal to alter your current workflow

8. Process Documentation

We will generate monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly reports on our team's performance for comparison and general evaluation. Our reports can be further customized to your organization's hierarchy

Top Benefits of Hiring E-Commerce Virtual Assistant from EVA

Hiring a virtual assistant for e-commerce functions from EVA can leave you with umpteen benefits. Cost and time savings apart we take gruelling efforts to guarantee the quality that cannot be matched by competitors. This is to ensure that you are spending more time on making quality decisions. Here are the reasons why EVA is a top e-commerce virtual assistant service providing company -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    We invoice our clients for the service rendered by our virtual assistants. We do not impose fees for operating our administration or IT infrastructure.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    While it can cause overhead in managing a fully-fledged administration on your own, we aim to make your concerns vanish by bearing the complete expense of maintaining and running the administration needed to execute e-commerce operations.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Since you don't own a full-time employee, you are free from payroll hassles. You can pay only for the service rendered by our virtual assistant without bearing the training and paycheck responsibilities.

  • Quality Services

    EVA's follows the next level of quality control. Our stringent compliance checks can ensure that the task completed by our virtual assistants are in sync with the SLA and the industry standards.

  • Timeliness

    At EVA, we pledge ourselves to deliver your project in time so that our promises are kept. Therefore, instead of assuring you with unrealistic delivery timeline we will take a leaf out of our experience to convey a turnaround time that is reasonable for your requirement.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    EVA's e-commerce virtual assistants are true professionals who are certified for their skill and qualification in managing e-commerce management roles. Our team possesses the key skills essential to execute your needs as per the SLA.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    Scaling is often a cumbersome process in a traditional environment where your resource must be allocated appropriately when requirements evolve. However, at EVA, we can help you scale up or down without stress. Whichever way you prefer to scale we can facilitate your needs in the most efficient manner.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    At Express Virtual Assistant, we strongly believe in accountability of not only the project but also your confidential data. We comply with the standard NDA by ensuring that every member of our virtual assistant community is a signatory of non-disclosure.

Hiring an E-Commerce Virtual Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

It may not seem practical to have a full-time employee managing your e-commerce roles and responsibilities. It may not justify your expenses especially if you are looking at a short-term requirement. EVA's e-commerce virtual assistant can remotely manage your tasks freeing you from payroll hassles. At just $8 an hour, we can make your e-commerce management errands vanish in a snap.

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