Why Outsource Virtual Assistant Services?

Hiring a virtual assistant to outsource your mundane /specialized tasks can save the day and help you leverage over 26 benefits

Why Outsource Virtual Assistant Services?

Often, startup owners, entrepreneurs, and small-medium business owners are tempted to wear too many hats due to the lack of funds and resources. They tend to catch onto the "Superman Syndrome" and are virtually taking care of each and every aspect of their business, leaving them with little or no time to focus on key deliverables.

This is where outsourcing virtual assistant services to professional and experienced remote assistants can help. VA(s) are specialists who can handle a wide range of tasks just like any full-time employee, with the primary difference that they perform these tasks remotely using far lesser resources an in-house employee would use, making the process much more economical.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for your Business?

Though you may like to oversee all business operations on your own, it's wise to timely realize that you have only 24-hours in a day, and certain things tend to get procrastinated if you insist on doing everything on your own. Entrusting professional VAs with a part of your mundane daily tasks goes a long way in freeing up your time and energy for things that need immediate attention.

You should hire an EVA for your business or outsource virtual assistant services, if -

The increased workload is making it difficult to manage routine administrative tasks

There are certain things which need professional assistance or a second pair of eyes

You are increasingly skipping scheduled appointments and events due to lack of time

You have several projects at hand, but, not sure where to start

It's getting difficult to stick to project deadlines

You are refusing bigger client projects because of no support system

Turnaround is making your clients sour

Administrative hassles, paperwork, scheduling meetings is taking up all your time

You want to outsource, but, have no clue which tasks can be outsourced

You want assistance, but, don't have a big budget or resources to pay for an in-house staff

Projects are on and off, and you want someone to share the workload, only when there is a spike

Customer relationships are taking a backseat as you have no time to proactively meet and discuss issues

  • If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above, something similar, or anything where a dedicated resource can be of help, you must hire virtual assistant without fail. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements now.

Top 26 Advantages of Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services to EVA

Hiring a reliable express virtual assistant allows you to focus on the bigger picture while your day-to-day operations are being efficiently managed. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing VA services to a professional a virtual assistant provider like EVA.


Cost cutting on Internet, office space, equipment, office supplies, furniture, and employee benefits


Manage your daily tasks effortlessly without having to multi-task and micro-manage


Create a positive impression on your clients, partners, business associates, vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders


Pay only for the work done


Get the flexibility to pay per hour, work done, or on project completion


Use any preferred communication medium to interact with VA - Phone, conference call, email, Skype, text, etc.


Pick and choose an assistant with the desired work experience as per your specific requirements


Get the remote VA to work as per your schedule


Ensure complete information privacy and data confidentiality


Save time & money by assigning the non-core tasks to the virtual remote assistant and focus solely on key deliverables


Ensure faster turnaround time and operational transparency


Get assured quality and accuracy in work


Avail weekend or after-hours support


Get access to experienced and creative resources who are efficient & reliable


Utilize diverse skills and talents to increase productivity


No need to train the assistants (except for specific business-related needs)


Freedom to assign various tasks selectively or at once to stay on schedule


Cost-effective business solution with a one-on-one delegation


No payroll taxes & employee benefits to pay


Spend less time and money on recruitment, and hire resources when in need


Hire a dedicated assistant with an option to switch VAs if required


Get more free time for yourself and your family by delegating mind-boggling tasks


Assign daily, repetitive tasks while focusing on high priority goals


Get the tasks done while you are asleep


Generate more savings to expand your business by getting VA to cover different areas of your business


Get rid of the delegation dilemma by entrusting VA with tasks like administration, marketing, delivery, customer relations, personal organization, etc.

Tasks Our Expert Virtual Assistants Can Help You With

Our express virtual assistants have vast experience in performing an assortment of tasks and can take care of all your business requirements efficiently. At EVA, we can help you manage & perform a multitude of tasks of diverse industry verticals.

Here are 30 most popular tasks being assigned to EVA -

  • Data Entry

  • Call Answering

  • Event Planning

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Correspondence Management

  • Answering IT Support Tickets

  • Booking Client Appointments

  • Calendar Management

  • Comprehending Minutes of Meetings

  • Email Management

  • Filter and Reply to Blog Comments

  • Handling Receptionist Duties (Answering Calls)

  • Handling Recruitment

  • Liaison Between You and Other Team Members

  • Managing and Updating Social Media Accounts

  • Managing Your Blog (Basic Wordpress Skills)

  • Preparing Slideshows & PowerPoint Presentations

  • Setting Up Autoresponders

  • Travel & Accommodation Booking

  • Writing and Publishing Blog Posts

  • File Management & Organization Using Dropbox, Etc.

  • Following-Up with Clients (Sending Reminders, Thank You, Etc.)

  • Database Building (Updating Email or Contact Lists on Your CRM)

  • Providing Expertise and Consultation on a Particular Industry Like Real Estate, e-Commerce, Etc.

  • Participating in Discussion on Forums or Message Boards

  • Report Creation (Sales, Weekly Progress Reports, Deliverables, Etc.)

  • Running Personal Errands (Bill Payments, Purchasing Gifts, Shopping, Etc.)

  • Setting-Up Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etc.)

  • Topic Research for Articles, Blog posts, Newsletters, Etc.

  • Transcribing Voicemail, Business Meetings, Video or Audio Files, Podcasts Etc.

These are some of the tasks mostly performed by our virtual assistants, but, if you have any other custom requirements, feel free to get in touch with us, we will be glad to assist.

Outsource Virtual Assistant Services to Express Virtual Assistant

Once you have decided to hire an express virtual assistant, all you have to do is follow the 6-steps mentioned below to hire a remote assistant and enjoy hassle-free operations.

Step 1

Reach us with your requirements

Step 2

Select your express virtual assistant

Step 3

Send your tasks to EVA

Step 4

Get support as per the designed workflow

Step 5

Evaluate quality while enjoying your time

Step 6

Get your work/ reports delivered in promised TAT

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