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Successfully schedule and manage all types of events by hiring a virtual event planning assistant at just $8 per hour

Do you need to organize a business meeting, but do not have ample resources to follow-up? Do you plan to organize an event, but there is no one to help you manage the event? If so, you must hire a virtual event planning assistant from Express Virtual Assistant (EVA). Event planning entails expertise in planning, supply management, personnel management, budget preparation, and logistics supervision, and we can do it all for you.

As one of the most successful virtual assistant companies, EVA's remote assistants offer industry-best virtual event planning services at a reasonable price. We allow you to hire full-time virtual event planner(s) who can take up the task of event planning. Our remote assistants can help you plan and arrange event competitions, event promotions, social account handling, and more.

Services Offered by Our Virtual Event Planning Assistants

EVA's virtual event planning assistants can help you execute your event successfully. Our virtual event planners have extensive experience in organizing sales meetings, conferences, business meetings, group discussions, conferences, and more. Some of the solutions provided by our virtual event assistant are -

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events help determine an organization's image, irrespective of the number of audiences. EVA can help you with exclusive event planning for a corporate event or party.

Management of Corporate Retreats

Management of Corporate Retreats

Our team can coordinate all kinds of team retreats. Whether you need to build new teams, connect with a small organization, or rebuild your existing team, we can help you achieve your goals through its virtual event planner solutions.

Planning Agenda for the Event

Planning Agenda for the Event

Event agenda requires planning and preparing the agenda and making sure that it ends successfully. Our remote assistants can help you with the event's idea, agenda format, budgeting, venue details, caterers & vendors' information, transportation details, and more.

Event Supplier Management

Event Supplier Management

Planning an event is a Herculean, task that is why most corporates refrain from micromanaging. They leverage the expertise of suppliers, contractors, and vendors to make sure the event becomes a success. At EVA, you can secure the services of our agents to help you with vendor proposals, collect references, negotiate and brief them about your event.

Handling Event Public Relations

Handling Event Public Relations (PR)

PR is a crucial promotional activity, which can provide maximum coverage and advertisement to your brand. Our virtual team is experienced in handling event PR activities. Their PR efforts can help you garner interest among the public. They can assist you with the press pitch, PR research, event calendars, PR outreach, and tracking of the PR activities.

Event Project Planning

Event Project Planning

A successful event requires robust planning. You need to decide the date and venue, attract people through marketing & advertising, get sponsors, and make sure the attendees come. It is a tedious task that requires full commitment. As a working professional, if you are facing challenges in planning an event, then, you must hire our virtual event planner to streamline the event-related works and activities.

Event Activity Coordination

Event Activity Coordination

If you need to hire someone who does not involve with the event, but, works as an extension to manage specific components of the event, then, you must choose our event coordinating services. Our virtual event coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that all details are implemented and that each vendor appears on time and provides adequate service.

Event Marketing Management

Event Marketing Management

Event marketing helps you lay brand impressions and grab people's attention. Our virtual assistants can help you create buzz for your offerings. We have dealt with various global firms and have helped them with event marketing strategies.

Booking Venue for the Event

Booking Venue for the Event

The venue holds a lot of importance in making an event successful. A good venue is always booked, jam-packed, and popular among the regulars. If you are facing challenges in finding the right venue as per your budget, attendees number, and event size, then, you must hire our virtual event planning assistants. They can save your time and money and find the perfect venue according to your location choice, and attendee capacity.

Purchasing Tickets

Purchasing Tickets

If you are already using a ticketing solution and want our virtual assistants to work on them, we can make them up and work on your tool in no time. Also, we have expertise in multiple ticket management solutions and can handle all your ticket management needs.

Creating and Sending Event Invites

Creating and Sending Event Invites

Planning an event becomes useless if invites are not sent to the correct people and on right time. We can create invitations and send them over emails or channels of your choice. Moreover, we always follow-up to make sure that invites reach to its intended address.

Managing Product Launch

Managing Product Launch

The main goal of any product launch event is to make people talking about it with each other as long as possible. A product launch event may be organized for product distribution, awareness, media coverage, sales, outreach, etc. Our virtual event planners can assist you with the venue, theme, event activities, post-event follow-up, and more.

Custom Event Planning Services

Custom Event Planning Services

Our 24/7 virtual workforce can help you plan events of any scale or size and pitch ideas to make your events better and livelier. If you offshore virtual event planning assistant services to EVA, you can be sure that your event will be conducted in a professional way. Our remote assistants would be able to deliver any kind of custom event planning requirement, whether mentioned above or not.

Different Types of Events Planned By EVA

  • Corporate/ Business Events
  • Personal Events & Parties
  • Unofficial Events
  • Product Launch Events
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Business Gala
  • Trade Shows
  • Business Openings
  • Team-building Events
  • Trade Fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Board Meetings & Shareholder Meetings
  • Office Parties
  • Golf Events

Key Skills of Our Virtual Assistants

  • Organization skills
  • Time management
  • Astute planning
  • Paying attention to details
  • Managing finance
  • Project management expertise
  • Negotiation skills
  • On-site management
  • Leadership
  • Expertise in verbal and written communication
  • Invitation and RSVP tracking and management
  • Networking
  • Unbridled creativity
  • Ability to adapt to any circumstance
  • Dedication to client service

Process Followed by Our Virtual Event Planning Assistants

By delegating your event planning work to our virtual assistants, you can considerably cut man-hour costs by sticking to the project timelines. The following is an overview of our process -

1. Identification of Virtual Assistant Tasks

The work portfolio is carefully checked and tailored to the virtual assistant's cultural adaptability and skill

2. Procedure Documentation

At this stage, we will refer the instructional materials, if you have one, otherwise, we will plan the process

3. Procedural Validity Checking

We will be very careful to avoid mistakes that may lead to unexpected results. We recommend that you check the validity of the instructions

4. Actual Task Delegation

We will choose the resource as per the skill, cultural applicability and technical knowledge. If necessary, we will provide further training

5. Using the Tools to Plan the Events

Once the VA is chosen, we will impart appropriate mock-training in the event management and related tools/software to ensure desired results are met

6. Ability Assessment

Our quality control team will review the work progress and ensure that the deadlines are met

7. Process Documentation

Our team will provide complete documentation to trace any issues. It can also be used as a repository

Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Event Planning Assistant Services to EVA

Whether you are looking for a turnkey event or looking for experts to work in the background, we can tailor our services to your specific needs. We will take care of everything and make your event unforgettable. A few of the many benefits of choosing EVA to outsource virtual event planning assistant services are -

  • Cost Advantage

    By partnering up with us, you can remain competitive by utilizing the capabilities of our virtual assistants to streamline your event management process. As a result, you will see a sudden decrement in the expenditure.

  • On-demand Workforce Availability

    It is highly possible that you might face the dearth of capable resources. Also, because of the volatile visa problem, the supply of better talent is slowly reducing. However, by collaborating with us for the virtual event planning assistant services, you can avail the unique pool of skilled, experienced, and on-demand resources.

  • Better Control Over the Burn Rate

    If you are a small to medium-sized enterprise, you may have limited capital. Thus, even a small decision that you take can affect the overall efficiency and brand of your business. At EVA, with our agile virtual event planners, you can get a better virtual team at a relatively lesser price.

  • Access to Larger Skillset

    In today's mature business environment, you cannot compromise with the cost, time, and efficiency. By choosing to hire a virtual event planning assistant from EVA will give you access to increased man-hours and larger skillsets.

  • Reduced Turnaround

    Because of our round-the-clock services and the time-zone difference, our virtual event planners can successfully plan and manage any events at half the time.

  • Option to Scale-up

    With our remote event planners, you have the leeway to onboard the resource numbers as per your project. You can always adjust the project deliverables by scaling up or trimming down the workforce numbers.

  • More Flexibility

    With a collaborative model, you can have complete control over the project, and allocate the virtual event planning assistants in the events of your choice.

  • Access to Agile and Experienced Team

    With agile expertise and certified talents, EVA can help you manage your events in an efficient and faster way. We have over 500 professionals working full-time with us.

  • Access to Pre-built Functions

    With pre-built accelerators, systems, and frameworks, we can start your project in no time. From the planning phase to the execution our virtual event planners can provide their services in a professional manner.

  • Better Work Productivity

    The right offshore partner like Express Virtual Assistant can plan, nurture, execute, address, and conclude events of all types. By outsourcing virtual event planning assistant services, you can tap the rich portfolio of talented virtual event planners. Thus, you will see a sudden surge in work productivity.

  • Smart Resource Allocation

    Onboarding, nurturing, managing, and retaining the best talents is a challenging job. However, with a rich portfolio of diverse virtual event planners and support staff, we can allocate the resource of your choice.

Hiring A Virtual Event Planner Doesn't Cost Much!

By choosing EVA's virtual event planning assistant, you eliminate the need to invest in the costly on-premise resource onboarding. Also, we operate on complete transparency, so, you can be assured that no prepaid or hidden fees are charged. By ensuring the transparency of service charge calculations, we guarantee modest proposals that competitors cannot match. For just $8 per hour, we offer the best virtual event planner solutions.

Our Pricing plans

Outsource Virtual Event Planning Assistant Services to EVA

EVA's virtual event planners can handle all your events with unparalleled attention to detail. The staging of a successful event requires a smooth execution of the event activity. As a business owner, you must be facing a time crunch to personally monitor activities related to executing the events. This is where you need to hire a virtual event planning assistant. We have a capable team of professionals with expertise in the field of event management and planning.

If you have similar requirements, then, reach out to us. Our agent will revert with a custom quotation. Contact us for a free consultation
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