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Hire an affordable, professional, and experienced express virtual assistant for your projects at pocket-friendly rates

Whether you are a one-man army or a small-medium sized organization running day to day business operations, you would agree that each and every task requires time and focus. But, it gets impossible to pay attention to details when you have so much on your platter. In such circumstances, outsourcing your tasks to a professional company or hiring a virtual assistant can save the day.

How Much a Virtual Assistant Will Cost?

  • Not much!

    If you are wondering whether you can afford a VA or not, don't worry, you certainly can. The hourly rate for a virtual assistant from Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) is very nominal.

Virtual Assistant Pricing

Minimum billing terms are $2000 per month and a 3-month engagement Get a Free Quote

A professional VA can handle a multitude of tasks, like -

  • Handling calls, schedule management

  • Social media management

  • Handling customer relationships

  • Personal assistance, appointment scheduling, and handling day-to-day administration

  • Marketing, research, etc.

  • Handling miscellaneous tasks for the real estate industry, data entry, e-commerce, etc.

EVA Provides Customized Virtual Assistant Pricing

At EVA, we understand that no two work requirements are the same, and don't require similar investment. Therefore, we have a flexible pricing plan and allow our clients to hire an assistant after analyzing the amount of work and its frequency, so, as to avail maximum cost savings.

You can hire an express virtual assistant in any of the following ways:

  • Per Hour: Ideal for smaller tasks, which require few hours of VA's time

  • Per Month: Ideal for routine tasks that occur month on month (may or may not occur each month)

  • Per Project: Ideal when you don't know how much time a project will take to execute but want to hire a dedicated professional for the job

  • Full-Time Equivalent (FTE): This pricing model is best for long-term projects when you have a regular workload (for months/year(s)), but don't want to hire a full-time employee and pay for their holidays and perks, without compromising on the work quality

Factors That Determine our Price

Nature of the task/type of service to be performed by the remote assistant

No. of hours an assistant needs to work on your project

Project duration (prices tend to be lower for long-term project)

Qualification & skills required of the assistant

Professional experience of the assistant

Terms and scale of the project

The complexity of the project

Deadlines, strict timelines, more work hassle, and shorter deadlines lead to increased rates

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Disclaimer: Please note that the prices on the site are indicative and depend on several factors mentioned above. We strive to update the pricing on our site instantly and keep the information up-to-date, but as the rates vary depending upon the exact client needs, final pricing may be different from the price quoted above. So, please contact our executives or fill the form given above to know the exact rates for your requirements.

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