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Our virtual marketing assistant can create compelling content, drive engagement, and do much more to increase your brand's footprint

Are you often getting caught in a calendar creep? Is your productivity on the decline due to loose ends in the marketing division? Get a virtual marketing assistant from Express virtual Assistants (EVA) to bring back the sunshine in your business days. When getting organized becomes a concern we always turn up to offer help that businesses like yours need. Whether it is prospecting, competitor research, email marketing, networking, or web and content management we have you covered in every aspect.

At Express Virtual Assistants, we are passionate about driving buzz for our clients to increase their brand visibility. If your business needs a professional who can walk the talk and multitask with efficiency your search ends with us. We routinely appraise our team's performance and incentivize their efforts. Therefore, our remote contractors will go the extra mile to deliver results that you always wanted.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Services We Offer

Forget the traditional approach and think like a savvy marketer by outsourcing virtual marketing assistant services to EVA. When you can't juggle between various functions in your business, we will clear the way for you to reconnect with your goals. Our virtual marketing assistant services include -

Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social Media Marketing for your Business

From creating social and marketing campaigns to content curation, to planning marketing budget and schedule creation, our remote executives will use the best marketing strategy to ensure brand consistency on social media. To perfectly execute our responsibilities, we will collaborate with your business heads, as well as departmental executives from advertising, brand management, and product development domains.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you struggling to rank your company website on top of the search rankings? Our virtual assistants are well equipped to provide our clients with the best search engine optimization services which will help you rank your website higher in the search engine and stay ahead of your competitors. This will help you get noticed by your customers and compel them to land on your website and improve conversions.

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Configuring AdWords Campaigns

AdWords Campaign Management

We can set up Google AdWords campaigns at blazing speed. Our VA can customize your campaigns based on types, geographic location, bid strategy, daily budget, cost-per-click, and several more parameters. Once we configure your AdWords campaign, you can get spotted faster and convert more visitors into buyers.

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Content Creation and Promotion

Content Creation and Promotion

We can help you monetize your digital marketing campaigns with high-quality content. We can lure the big fishes for you with information-rich content created by our virtual marketing assistants. We will create and promote targeted content across the social media to pitch decision makers whose profiles match the scope of your target buyer persona.

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Reputation Management

Virtual Marketing Assistant for Reputation Management

Our virtual assistants monitor and pay close attention to what is being said about you, your business, brand, products, and your company. Our VAs will help you build your brand online and boost your reputation and visibility so that potential customers have a positive impression of your brand and products. If you have a damaged brand reputation online, this can lead to fewer sales and lowered productivity and this is where our VAs come in to ensure that your online presence is favorable for your brand.

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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Planning and executing strategic email marketing campaigns need skilled campaign planners who can segment and send emails to the right subscribers. This is an expertise EVA possesses through its email campaigners. If you want to save cost and effort to increase CTR, hire VA for email marketing services from us today.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Are you still speculating the phrases used by your audience on search engines? Stop the guesswork and leave your concerns to us. Our digital marketing virtual assistant will use analytics-backed research to know the right phrases keyed in by search engine users. We can leverage this data to make your website rank higher in the search results. Therefore, you can get seen ahead of your competitors and stream the traffic straight to your website.

Creating Forum and Nurturing Conversations

Creating Forum and Nurturing Conversations

Our virtual marketing assistants can create forums and drive engagement with participating members while you are busily engaged in other important tasks. We will keep conversations warm by giving your followers the opportunity to share concerns and get heard. With the relevant information, you can make decisions efficiently and even offer an individualized value proposition to potential leads.

Curating Mind-blowing Content for Social Media

Curating Mind-blowing Content for Social Media

Our virtual marketing assistants will curate interactive content through painstaking research. Our curated listicle will include a mix of succinct social media posts that engage users in a personalized way.

Lead Spotting and Nurturing

Lead Spotting and Nurturing

With years of experience as a virtual marketing assistant service provider, we know where to look and how to spot responsive leads that are valuable for your business growth. EVA' virtual marketing assistants can engage and nurture leads to understand their concerns and expectations. Once we positively determine the sales worthiness of quality leads, we will usher them into your sales funnel.

Configuring Mail Merges

Configuring Mail Merges (YesWare for Gmail)

When you offshore virtual marketing assistant services to Express Virtual Assistants, our remote workers can set up mail merges so you can start sending bulk emails straight from your outbox where each email looks like it is crafted personally for the recipient. Our adeptness at configuring YesWare for Gmail will prevent your outbound emails from landing in the recipient's promotions folder. Since we configure mail merges to skip message transit through the email service provider, your emails are always placed in the user's inbox.

Process Our Virtual Marketing Assistants Follow

Delegating virtual marketing functions to our virtual media assistants is easy and fuss-free. First, we will learn your challenge. Then, we will customize a plan for your allocated budget and you are ready. Here is the process we follow in virtual marketing assistant services -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

The functions you wish to delegate are identified through collaboration and marked for action from our VA

2. Documenting the Procedure

Your standard procedure for the selected tasks is documented to serve as standard instructions for our VA

3. Test Procedural Validity before Delegation

We recommend testing the documented procedure before complete delegation to avoid missteps and ensure a successful outcome

4. Task Delegation

We will assign a remote freelancer by matching their cultural fit and level of experience. After the delegation of marketing roles, we will train the VA appropriately

5. Using Tools to Handle VA Tasks

Our savvy virtual marketing assistants will use schedulers and analytics tools for timely management of delegated marketing functions

6. Competence Assessment

At periodic intervals, we will assess the performance of the VA to ensure that the goals are being met in a systematic manner

7. Optimization of Procedure

If your existing process needs optimization, we will recommend changes. However, the discretion will be yours to acknowledge or deny

8. Process Documentation

The end-to-end process is documented efficiently for seamless backtracking and record keeping. We will compile routine reports and furnish the data for analysis

Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Marketing Assistants from EVA

Since hiring a full-time marketer can tip the scales of your expenditure, you can outsource virtual marketing assistant services and pay for the service alone. Therefore, you will be invoiced for your service and not for the technology or infrastructure. Here are more benefits that can be had by joining hands with virtual marketing assistant service providing company like us -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    It will cost you nothing more than a few dollars for the customized virtual marketing assistant service. Our service plans are competitively priced so that you can take complete advantage of the individualized plan without owing extra money for service add-ons that you don't need.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    Since you don't own resources or infrastructure, it will cost you nothing towards administrative services. No monthly rentals, payroll management, absenteeism, or other liabilities that come with a full-scale brick and mortar office. You can virtually operate your marketing engine from anywhere across the world without hassles.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Hiring a full-time employee can make you accountable for their performance, appraisals, taxes, and other challenges that can limit your revenue growth and increase your expenditure. This is what we aim to swap through virtual marketing assistant services. Whether you run a small-sized or virtual business, our services can bring value additions and lower expenditure.

  • Quality Services

    We handle your outsourced requirement like our own because we give the fullest dedication towards your requirement to ensure that the deliverables are met with 100% satisfaction. Additionally, each project is supervised by experienced project heads to ensure that all deliverables are accomplished as per your expectation and quality standards.

  • Timeliness

    We understand that the purpose of outsourcing virtual marketing assistant services is to save your time. Therefore, we work with agility to stay ahead of the deadline and never behind it. Timeliness and quality have been a signature trait of our virtual marketing assistant services.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    Our remote professionals are hired based on proven track records. We map professionals by measuring their cultural fit with your organization and their ability to learn your standard operating process. Be it is a single or multiple resources; we assign your routine tasks to the industry's best to ensure a positive outcome.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    Scaling your requirement is easy. Without strenuous paperwork, you can fill out a few forms and you are done. It's that easy! Our professionals will walk you through the process to scale up or down your requirement.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    Our data protection measures are designed in view of the persistent challenges that plague businesses. We proactively manage your data under the oath of confidentiality. Every professional who handles your data is contractually bound to non-disclosures. Therefore, we guarantee that your data will be treated with confidentiality and will not be used in ways other than those prescribed in the SLA.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Marketing Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

Most virtual assistant providers' quote upfront rates and that doesn't include their hidden charges. We know it can be confusing and often annoying when deals are closed without transparency. This is where we stand apart making every dollar spent count for you. We can customize our services for your requirement to make sure that you get the value we promise. So if you change your needs, we will change our scope. And the best part is we just charge for the service which is as low as $8.

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Our virtual marketing assistant services are a great value addition to your business. We can help you stay organized no matter what. With dedication, skill, and task management technology we can outperform the traditional style of marketing. Our values are considered best for your business, time and cost wise. With several years of exposure to simple and complex marketing challenges, our VA can always help you make the best growth decisions.

Hire a dedicated expert virtual marketing assistant to make your marketing strategy a cake walk.

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