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Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

Plan and successfully manage all types of social media tasks by hiring EVA's virtual assistant for social media marketing for $8 per hour

Is the turbulent digital marketplace, virtual assistants are increasingly meeting the need to accelerate time-to-market, save costs, and provide rapid solutions to the expanding social media stretch. It enables businesses to pool competent talents and non-employees by eliminating time and space barriers.

Today, almost all people and businesses have a social media presence. Thus, you cannot take the risk of ignoring social media rather it should be your top marketing strategy. Also, most of the businesses spend limited time on social media, but hardly a few gets the desired result. Also, if you are a startup or an SME, then the time you spend on the social sites will drain your efficiency as you have to hire people to do your job and make space for setting up new infrastructure.

What is Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant for?

Distributed or remote or virtual work has become more rapid in this era of growing communication media/channel. It has become faster, simpler, efficient, and competitive. Thus, to respond to increasing decentralization, but globalization of the market, organizations are increasingly opting to deploy and hiring social media virtual teams across geography, time, organizational boundaries, and culture to achieve their organizational goal.

A social media virtual assistant has extensive experience in handling multiple social media tasks, including social page creation, building audiences on social media, engaging with the users, and more. An expert who provides virtual assistant services for social media marketing is adept on various marketing and management tools.

Why Choose a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

The requirement of a virtual assistant for social media marketing is increasing more and more every day. The collaboration tools provide the necessary infrastructure needed to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing.

As an entrepreneurial leader or C level executive, you have to make sure that your core business activities run smoothly, and the business activities drive business growth. If you delegate regular social media tasks to social media virtual assistant, you can assign him/her the following tasks -

  • Research, plan and update the content of social channels
  • Online profile(s) creation on multiple social media
  • Run and manage social media campaigns
  • Consolidate and build an audience
  • Measure performance and engage with the audience
  • Pay close attention to competitors
  • Promote business, etc.

Services Offered by Our Social Media Virtual Assistant

In this ever-changing and complex digital space, companies are facing important and unprecedented challenges as economic activities are moving in the direction of social media. Buyers and sellers both have an active presence here, which give ample opportunities for new firms to make their mark.

Here are key services that you can avail when you decide to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing from EVA -

Online Profile Creation, Analysis, and Update

Online Profile Creation, Analysis, and Update

Creating online profiles, updating content, and monitoring it at a regular interval is one of the key roles that our virtual assistant for social media marketing does. When you collaborate with us, you can choose the expert of your choice based on his/her area of expertise.

Content Research

Content Research

Since the success of an online profile, company or individual, depends on the quality of content, thus, content research is paramount. EVA's social media virtual assistant works with multiple companies of different industry and verticals and has plenty of experience in curating quality contents.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing entails sending product/service messages to the targeted audiences. The email marketing solutions will enable you to connect across the organizations, startups, large companies, etc., in a short period of time. By hiring our VA, you can immediately launch email campaigns. Our virtual assistant for social media marketing can design the email, customize and schedule it, etc. Thus, you can promote your products or inform your core audience about your business in an intuitive way.

Establish Performance Metrics

Establish Performance Metrics

Effective social media marketing strategies are based on numbers. In other words, you have to monitor and devise working strategies to make sure that your social campaigns perform as intended. Setting up metrics is one of the key social media goals that you must do at the beginning of a campaign. At EVA, we can evaluate the performance of your existing marketing campaigns and segregate them into clicks, engagement, hashtag performance, likes, comments, etc. This way, you will have the actual numbers to evaluate your business.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

Analyzing social media posts and online content are something which a business should always do. Our team uses tools like Social Sprout, HubSpot, Buffer, BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, and other management and marketing tools to create, post, and analyze the contents. We will provide a variety of data, reports, and suggestions to help you track your business performance over time. You can also ask our social media virtual assistant to provide you with a comprehensive report of all the key metrics to help you understand the information.

Content Posting

Content Posting

Our team follows the standard content posting guidelines. If you hire our remote assistants, they can create a well-researched content strategy for each type of social media. Contents are of many types, including, user-generated, live content, podcasts, webinars, infographic, posts, testimonials, blogs, videos, and more.

Set up and Engage Target Audience

Set up and Engage Target Audience

Most businesses because of a lack of experienced social media team or budget, do not put the required effort into engaging with their audience. However, at EVA, when you hire a social media marketing assistant for your business, we will leave no stone unturned to create, analyze, and boost your business's performance on social media.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

In the highly volatile online business, if you do not regularly check what your competitors are up to, then your business will definitely lag. But, by hiring a virtual assistant for social media marketing from EVA will give you access to the best of the people and tools. We leverage the best available tools to monitor your competitors business and devising a better social media plan to make you run ahead of your competitors.

Handle Social Media Campaign

Handle Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign is critical for every online business, it will allow you to integrate your marketing efforts, create a social strategy, highlight the social channels, and use those social channels to run a campaign. Our virtual assistant for social media marketing team has years of expertise in devising and handling social media campaign for many international clients. Moreover, you can reach to them and discuss or assign custom tasks.

Business Promotion

Business Promotion

Business promotion encompasses a variety of social media promotion activities. Our virtual assistant for social media marketing can find out what works best for your business and create a content strategy or run campaigns likewise. Also, if you want to leverage the benefits of paid campaigns, they can do that too.

Process Followed by Our Social Media Virtual Assistants

By hiring our social media virtual assistants, you can significantly reduce the in-house employee costs by running a smooth social media campaign. Here is a quick overview of the process that our VA follows -

1. Identification of Social Media Virtual Assistant's Tasks

At first, you have to determine the task(s) that the social media marketing virtual assistant will perform.

2. Documentation of Process

Here, our team will closely monitor your business and refer your specific instructions, or they will plan their own as per your social media goals

3. Social Media Task Delegation

Based on the work and the team's portfolio, we will assign the best-suited resource(s). We will take into consideration the skill, technical expertise, experience of the remote assistant

4. Use of Social Media Tools

After selecting the social media virtual assistant, we will decide on the tools that will work best on your project. Also, if you have special requirements for a particular social channel, you can let our VA know

5. Performance Analysis

Our VA will provide you with a detailed analysis of the performance of the social media campaigns and other metrics

Benefits of Choosing EVA Hire a Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

Our remote assistants are experts on various social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Here is a list of benefits of hiring a social media virtual assistant from EVA -

  • Cost Advantage

    By working with us, you can stay competitive and streamline your social media activities. Also, by using our virtual assistant services for social media marketing, you can save significant costs as you will notice a sudden drop in spending.

  • On-demand VA Availability

    You will most likely find that because of lack the right resource, you are not able to generate the required traffic or growth. Also, because of the impending visa issues, the steady supply of talents is slowly declining. Thus, if you choose EVA to hire virtual assistants for social media marketing, you can access a wide pool of qualified, experienced and demand-driven resources.

  • Control Over the Burn Rate

    In case you have a startup, or you are just stepping into the complex digital world, your decisions, irrespective of whether small or big, will affect your brand. At EVA, you can have access to a better remote assistant at a relatively low price. Thus, you will have a steady expenditure flow of your capital.

  • Access to Larger Skillset

    One of the greatest benefits of hiring social media virtual assistant is access to an unprecedented level of responsiveness and flexibility. Thus, our in terms of time and efficiency, EVA's remote team are certified and have worked across multiple channels, thus, you will not get better remote resources anywhere.

  • Increased Flexibility

    With a revenue-driven collaboration model for social media, you will have 100% control over your project. As per your requirement, you can assign social media virtual assistant(s) to the social channels or campaigns of your choice.

  • Economies of Scale

    By hiring our social media VAs, you can choose the timeline, resource numbers, and the deliverables as per your choice. Furthermore, with EVA, you are free to cut or surge your campaigns.

  • Access to Agile and Experienced VA

    We have more than 500 skilled VA working with us on a full-time basis. Thus, with certified talents and agile work process, Express virtual assistant help you handle your activities efficiently and quickly.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Our VA can plan, promote, execute, and analyze various social media activities. If you choose to outsource virtual assistant services for social media marketing, you can leverage the talents of our social media VA staff. So, you will notice a sudden increase in efficiency and productivity.

  • Opportunity to Use Pre-built Functions

    With off-the-shelf pre-built accelerators, frameworks, systems, and team, our remote assistants for social media can kick start your project in the shortest amount of time. From development to execution, we can handle all your requirements.

  • Intelligent Resource Allocation

    Integrating, promoting, handling and retaining the best talent can leave you weary. But, with a broad portfolio of social media marketing virtual assistants, we can assign the resources of your choice. Also, you will have a final say on onboarding or hiring any VA.

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    Our social media marketing virtual assistants can successfully plan and manage social media activities as per the standards. They work around the clock and are always available at your service. Thus, you will witness a reduced turnaround time by partnering with us.

Hiring A Social Media Virtual Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

Choosing EVA's social media virtual assistant eliminates the necessity to invest in expensive in-house resources and creating space for including new infrastructure. In addition, our work is completely transparent, so you can be sure that you are not billed for any hidden charges. Thus, by safeguarding transparency in the calculation of service fees, we collaborate on a modest, but stringent SLAs that the other competitors cannot equal. For only $8 an hour, we provide the best virtual assistant for social media marketing.

Our Pricing plans

Outsource Virtual Assistant Services for Social Media Marketing to EVA

EVA's virtual assistant for social media marketing can handle all your social media activities and campaigns with unprecedented detail. Successful implementation of a social media strategy requires smooth execution of campaigns, analysis of website traffic, and engaging with the audience. If as a business owner, you are facing a time crunch to personally set social media goals and marketing goals, then you need to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing. We have a lean team of virtual social media assistants with expertise in a variety of social channels.

You can reach out to us with your specific requirements. Our 24/7 working agent will revert with an appropriate quotation.

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