EVA's Data and Email Specialists Helped the Client Scale-up Lead Generation

Expert Virtual Assistants' team of experienced remote lead generation experts increased client's sales pipeline by 41% in 77 days!

The Customer

The Client powers the next generation of sales, marketing, and support with P2P text messaging for businesses. With their Messenger platform, businesses can unlock 1:1 personalized communication with their prospects and customers at scale while cutting through the noise.

Client's team was increasing the efficiency and performance across their respective departments while simultaneously generating more revenue. The text messaging solution they devised is a cost-effective way to deliver customers what they want when they want it. Organizations utilizing their texting platform were building stronger relationships by meeting or exceeding their goals 4X faster and more effectively than cold calling and emailing. Their existing clients today are seeing engagement rates up to 60% and some have reported close to 23X ROI in just 30 days of use!

The Challenge

After successfully gaining the majority market share within the sports entertainment, it was time for the client to dream bigger. Aware of the immeasurable value their solutions brought to their existing clients; they desired to grow by introducing their technology to other industries. Although the client had effectively and systematically generated new leads and customers through their outbound sales efforts, they couldn't scale internally as fast as they wanted to.

This is where Expert Virtual Assistants came in to help. Hiring data and email specialists from EVA to help them predictably scale their top of the funnel lead generation was the first and best-step to increase and maintain the health of their sales pipeline.

Solution Provided By EVA

Expert Virtual Assistants' team of experienced remote workers were able to increase their sales pipeline by 41% in 77 days. EVA's efforts and contribution, have been so effective in scaling the client's outbound sales efforts that they had to put a halt to their services so that their internal sales team could catch up. As a result, they are now hiring more internal sales reps so that they could run through their existing lead database faster.

The Results

The project was completed within the schedule and the client was delighted with our virtual assistant's agility and timeliness. They appreciated our efforts in pushing back all challenges in the outsourced task. The client saw the following benefits -

Increase in efficiency and conversion ratios in the sales process

Deals that were in the pipeline were closed

Considerable cost-savings attained due to a reduction in operational costs

Hire Expert Virtual Assistants for Lead Generation

Expert Virtual Assistants (EVA) is committed in every step to ensure that you get the best data mining support to scale up your business performance. EVA's virtual assistants can do much more to improve your productivity fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time sales professional. Since you don't own IT infrastructure or assets relevant to the project, you are not obligated to deal with payroll hassles or administrative costs. With that out of the way, you can focus on core functions where your attention is a strong necessity. Therefore, if you have a requirement similar to our client, outsource lead generation to EVA now!

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