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Our Virtual Assistants can advertise your products and services by optimizing text Ad, land pages, & keywords quality for increasing the engagement with the target audience

Are you tired of managing monotonous tasks within Google AdWords? Are you lacking time and money to create a high-quality advertising copy on Google Adwords? Delegating the task to a US-based Virtual Assistant can increase your productivity and help you manage the marketing spend more efficiently. When you hire a Virtual Assistant for AdWords campaign management from Express Virtual Assistant (EVA), you get a dedicated assistant who can discover and adapt to your business workflow at a moment’s notice.

EVA’s Virtual Assistant service for Google AdWords can make your life easier especially if your marketing budget is small. Whether you need the job done fast or control expenses, we can get our vetted virtual assistant ready in a few hours. We appoint VA with proven capabilities and at least 5 years of experience.

AdWords Campaign Management Services Offered by Our Virtual Assistants

When you hire a virtual assistant for AdWords campaign management from EVA, we cut down your dependency on a full-time Google AdWord expert to handle monotonous tasks. They handle a range of functions such as improving your keyword quality, PPC, setting the daily budget, strategizing ways to target audience within a specific geography, experimenting with keywords, meta, and title to enhance the global reach. Google AdWords campaign management Virtual Assistants handle the following -

Setting up Google AdWords Campaign

Setting up Google AdWords Campaign

Our Virtual Assistant for AdWords campaign management can help you set up a successful campaign in just an hour. Our remote workers make sure that you are not paying for eyeballs but rather the clickthroughs. When you pay us for the job, our virtual assistants will discover the money-making keywords that will take your content to the top spot in the search engine ranks.

Managing Existing AdWord Campaign

Managing Existing AdWord Campaign

If you are already using Google AdWords, our Virtual Assistant can help you save your effort and money by taking care of the AdWords campaign. The remote workers will analyze the existing keywords before noting down the ones that are dated or underperforming. The campaign is further enhanced using the right keyword to improve the impression and clickthrough.

Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring your campaign health can be a daunting task that is neither productive nor cost-friendly. Our virtual assistants monitor the campaign by tracking metrics with a search engine analytics tool. The data will be gathered and consolidated into custom reports for quick analysis of market overview and efficient decision making.

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

When you hire a Virtual Assistant for AdWords campaign management, they will take care of keyword research within Google Adwords. By pulling reports on the top keywords, they can help you create content with top-searched keywords so you can steer past the competitors to take the top spot on the search engine.

On-page SEO

Analysis of Competitor Campaign

EVA’s Google AdWords Virtual Assistants services are incomplete without giving you the insight into what the competitors are using. We analyze the competitor campaign to give you a complete picture of what the competitors are doing to increase impressions and interactions.

Design and Development of Landing Pages

Design and Development of Landing Pages

Designing a landing page that makes people stay longer is a big challenge that requires expert knowledge of the search engine optimization techniques that are prevalent. Our virtual assistants can design webpages to make the elements user-friendly and compliant with the search engine rules. This way, your ads, and business listings appear instantly when users enter matching search phrases.

Creation of Promotional Campaign

Creation of Promotional Campaign

EVA is a top PPC Virtual Assistant services provider because we offer a competent Virtual Assistant for PPC campaign management to create and manage promotions. Our professionals create a promotional campaign that will get you noticed without efforts across social media channels and search engines. From ad design to technical elements we take care of the process to eliminate the legwork for your team.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Marketing Assistants

Businesses that are left with limited resources and budget struggle to take their goods and services to the right people especially when the playing field is monopolized by large corporations. This is where we come in. Having understood the struggle, we offer expert virtual assistants who take care of the Google AdWord campaign management to give businesses the visibility they deserve. Our process is as follows -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

The project manager from EVA will evaluate your requirement and identify tasks that can be delegated to Virtual Assistants.

2. Documenting the Procedure

To avoid ambiguity in instructions we will document the workflow and use the enlisted process as a final instruction.

3. Test Procedural Validity Before Delegation

We will emulate the AdWords campaign management workflow to ensure a good ROI and positive client engagement.

4. Task Delegation

Before delegating the roles to virtual assistant for AdWords campaign management, we will assess the VA for cultural fit, experience, and quality of previous assignment.

5. Using the Tools to Handle VA Tasks

We will provide high-quality training on a moment’s notice so that when you hire a virtual assistant for AdWords campaign management, you get people who quickly understand your business.

6. Competency Assessment

We will constantly assess the performance of our Virtual Assistant to ensure that they are competent in the process and the quality of work is in spec with your expectations.

7. Process Documentation

The process will be documented in every step and a comprehensive report will be prepared and submitted on a weekly/monthly/ quarterly basis.

Why Should You Hire EVA’s Virtual Assistant for AdWords Campaign Management?

Express Virtual Assistant is a top Virtual Assistant company for AdWords campaign management because we understand the exact challenges that manifest within AdWords campaign management. Therefore, we offer a specific solution that will help you avoid wasting your marketing spend on trial and error methods. We fulfill our promises without compromising the quality of your AdWords campaign. Here are more reasons why Outsourcing Virtual Assistant for AdWords campaign management to EVA is the best choice for your business -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    We only charge you for the service while elsewhere you could be paying to hire professionals on payroll and service add-ons that you may never need.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    Managing a full-fledged team of AdWords experts can be challenging for small businesses with limited resources. With the administrative concerns out of the way, you can sit back while we take the wheel of administering the team.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Say goodbye to payroll hassles by delegating AdWords management to us. We will provide a dedicated virtual assistant without asking you to shoulder the responsibility of their payroll. This is because you will only be invoiced for the service and not the resources.

  • Quality Services

    At Express Virtual Assistant (EVA), quality is everything. We will constantly assess the quality to ensure that the choice of AdWords and campaign design meets the standards. The competence of our virtual assistants will be periodically assessed to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Timeliness

    We always take great care to stick to the deliverable timeline. Our services are offered within the stipulated time so that you need not reschedule your goals.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    Our virtual marketing assistant has more than 5 years of professional experience in AdWords campaign management and is qualified in every aspect of Google AdWord campaigns.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    AdWords campaign management offered by our Virtual Assistants is a scalable solution that makes your job easier. If you face complex situations in the workflow where more resources are needed we have you covered.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We adhere to the best data management practices to proactively protect your personal and business data. Our team includes virtual assistants who have signed the non-disclosure. Therefore, your data will be handled according to the clauses of the NDA.

Hiring a Remote Marketing Assistant Doesn’t Cost Much!

You can hire a virtual assistant for marketing without becoming cost-conscious. If your budget is tight we have a solution that fits you right. Our pricing is transparent without an upfront cost. At only $8 an hour, our services offer great value cost-wise.

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If you are looking for ways to save time and money outsource Virtual Assistant services for AdWords campaign management. Our remote workers will create ads and popularize your goods and services on search engines by leveraging Google AdWord. By delegating the AdWords campaign management you can focus on growth and make decisions in time based on the insights we provide.

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