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Get rid of your daily administrative hassles by handing list management, appointment setting, and much more to capable virtual administrative assistant

Is it getting difficult to keep your calendar well looked after? Are you in need of a capable, enthusiastic, and proactive virtual administrative assistant to consign your daily worries? If yes, virtual administrative assistant services from Express Virtual Assistants (EVA) is a great way to keep your administrative responsibilities on schedule. Our virtual administrative assistants are excellent initiators who can handle your confidential tasks with discretion and so much more.

EVA' virtual administrative assistant can free up your valuable time so you can focus on other important areas. Our virtual administrative assistants can work unguided in a complex business eco-system and are proficient in calendar management, English language, and virtual assistant tools. Your dizzying schedule can be streamlined in no time by outsourcing virtual administrative assistant services.

Virtual Administrative Assistant Services We Offer

Express Virtual Assistants is a virtual administrative assistant service providing company that keeps your administrative efficiency in optimal state 24/7. Our service is the answer to your administrative concerns. By outsourcing virtual administrative assistant services, we can handle administrative areas of your business saving you time and money. Our virtual administrative assistant services include -

Travel Arrangement & Itinerary

Travel Arrangement & Itinerary

Without a robust travel planner, your business meetings and other important engagements can become jeopardized. If this is your concern, our virtual administrative assistants can plan your business travel and the complete itinerary so that you can arrive on schedule, if not early.

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Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Setting appointments on your own can be difficult especially if you have several other priorities vying for your attention. This is where we come in. EVA's virtual administrative assistants will set confirmed appointments with prospective customers so that your best closers can seal the deal through communications held in person.

Schedule Management

Schedule Management

Be it timetable for portfolio and projects, or a simple spreadsheet with information on time and resource, at Express Virtual Assistant' (EVA), we have professionals who can seamlessly manage your schedules. Our virtual administrative assistant has the right skills to prevent a bottleneck in your daily planner.

Curating Industry Reports

Curating Industry Reports

High-quality industry reports are critical in decision-making. Therefore, if you need accurate reports on the industry of your expertise, we can curate insights on trends, market behavior, and much more. With the information you need at your fingertips, informed decisions can be made without room for errors.

Contact List Management in Spreadsheet

Contact List Management in Spreadsheet

If you work with a large customer base, maintaining connections with each customer can pose a challenge. To stay efficient, you will need a dedicated contact list manager from Express Virtual Assistants (EVA). Our remote virtual administrative assistant is an expert in contact list management and can furnish an up-to-date contact list without duplicates or outdated contact information.

Document Formatting & Management

Document Formatting & Management

Get your documents formatted just the way you wanted by hiring EVA's remote virtual administrative assistant. Our VA will ensure that the process is accurate and complete without deviating from the schedule. The virtual assistant appointed for the task will check if the formatting elements are appropriately used along with fonts, indentation, and margins. Whether it is legal or business document we are always ready to manage your document format needs.

Taking Notes

Taking Notes

Express Virtual Assistants' virtual administrative assistant can take notes on your behalf. Whether it is important meetings or events our remote agents will take notes on your preferred platform or directly download the uploaded content at our facility. The written document created by our virtual administrative assistant will be accurate and compliant with your business demands.

Minute Taking Services

Minute Taking Services

If preparing meeting minutes is one thing that bothers you, we can delegate the task to a skilled virtual assistant from EVA. Our remote workers can record and create scripts of every key decision made in the business meets. This way, you can discard the rough notes and efficiently follow up with the agenda with our professional transcripts. Our minute takers can reduce your stress and effort by ensuring verbatim documentation of meeting minutes.



EVA' Virtual administrative agents can transform the content from voice format to written records in no time. If you want to spare your team from the effort of manual transcription or swap traditional transcription, it's time to give our administrative virtual assistant services a try. We have certified remote transcriptionists who can work as an extension of your team to deliver transcribed records within the stipulated time.

Report Creation & Presentation

Report Creation & Presentation

If you are dissatisfied with reports created by your in-house team, outsource the task to our virtual office assistant. Our professionals can create custom reports for each recipient across the hierarchy. We will also handle the presentation aspects so that reports can be customized to your exact specification.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Administrative Assistants

The process of delegating virtual administrative assistant services is uncomplicated and clutter-free. You can choose an appropriate plan and our agents will walk you through simple steps to complete the formalities. Thereafter, you can choose the budget and close the deal. Our workflow is as follows -

1. Identification of Tasks for E-Commerce Virtual Assistants

The routine administrative task will be identified and shortlisted for analysis. Discrepancies (if any) will be reported by our analysts

2. Documenting the Procedure

Your existing process will be documented, and a checklist will be prepared to provide step-by-step instruction to our VA

3. Test Procedural Validity before Delegation

We will simulate your process in near real-time conditions to test if the outcome is accurate and reliable

4. Task Delegation

Once the process is tested for reliability, we will delegate the task by matching the cultural fit of the virtual assistant. The delegation and orientation will be fast and efficient

5. Using Tools to Handle VA Tasks

We will use powerful VA tools to reduce errors in the process. Much of the task will be done by VA by leveraging automation tools

6. Competency Assessment

We will periodically review the projected outcome. Additionally, we will check the compliance with the SLA to ensure that the outcome is as expected

7. Optimization of Procedure

We will run optimization checks and submit reports if the existing process can be improved. We will compile actionable reports that can be used to take the necessary action

8. Process Documentation

From end-to-end, we will document the process so as to ensure transparency. This report can be availed at short notice for reference as well as measuring the performance

Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Administrative Assistants from EVA

When you outsource virtual administrative assistant services, your productive hours can be spent in areas where your decision-making is critical. As a reliable virtual administrative assistant service provider, we will relentlessly work to complete your administrative duties with diligence. You can hire a virtual administrative assistant from EVA for the following reasons -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    You can save the hiring expenses and pay for the work done by outsourcing virtual administrative assistant services to EVA. You can dodge the complex labor laws and employee benefits that are mandatory when you onboard a full-time professional.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    The administrative responsibilities of running a full-fledged organization can be taxing and resource intensive. Our savvy virtual administrative assistants will use the resource from our end to handle your administrative functions.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Managing payroll is complex and time-consuming. If you have limited resources, it could exponentially increase your expenditure by overseeing every aspect of employee benefit. Therefore, leave your concerns to us and we will limit the time you spend on managing payroll.

  • Quality Services

    We emphasize on quality to ensure that you receive 100% satisfaction with the service. Our QA specialists are certified and skilled to look for lapses that are unseen in the preliminary evaluation. We will audit the performance of our virtual assistants and provide advice if necessary, to improve the service.

  • Timeliness

    If you need the task finished within a quick TAT, we have what it takes to deliver on the promise. Our experience in administrative function enables us to complete tasks sooner than other competitors.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    We can fulfil our commitment to deliver quality service by assigning virtual administrative roles to people who thoroughly understand the process. Our VA professionals are handpicked by evaluating the cultural fit and project-wise experience.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    If you are ready to scale up your process, we can provide the necessary support to ensure that the process is fast and efficient.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We are compliant with the NDA and other standard data privacy laws. Therefore, we are contractually bound to keep your data confidential. We take world-class security physical and technical measures to keep your data safe.

Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

Did you know that a full-time virtual administrative assistant can cost you tens of thousands of dollars? Not to mention the cost of owning and maintaining a brick and mortar office that further increases your expenses. The cost of EVA's virtual administrative assistant services will leave you feeling delighted because it is just $8 an hour.

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Whether your project is on-going or one-time, we can customize a solution that is appropriate for your requirement. With incredibly low cost and flexibility to scale you can start seeing results, you want immediately. Our team is dedicated to keeping your business free from the clutter by managing your administration like our own. If you need real-time support during the project, we have you covered because our services are accompanied by 24/7 operator support through your preferred channel.

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