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Bag quality deals and drive engagement with clients by promoting your prodyucts and services to a global audience. Our VA can meet your goals without denting your wallet

Are you launching new products or services that require a high level of trust from consumers? If so, your non-core functions become effective when you hire a virtual assistant for product and service promotion. Express Virtual Assistant’s virtual assistant for product promotion can run personalized campaigns to give your products and services the much-deserving attention. We help you improve the conversion ratio by following the best practices to get a potential customer interested.

Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) takes maximum effort to create a compelling brand identity for your business through products and service promotion. Our virtual assistant for service promotion will help cut a path for your sales team so they can approach potential opportunities with confidence. Cross-promotion of services and products are among many VA services we offer to maximize your ROI.

Virtual Assistant Services for Product and Service Promotion We Offer

Businesses that are planning product or service launch may not find it feasible hiring a dedicated marketing professional on full-time payroll. It can be cost-prohibitive and counter-productive to use valuable resources to perform non-core functions like product and service promotion. Therefore, the best option is to hire a virtual assistant for product and service promotion from EVA. Here are the services offered by our remote assistants -

Product and Service Marketing Strategy

Product and Service Marketing Strategy

Having a marketing strategy is critical getting the attention of the right audience. Our virtual assistant collaborates with product development, sales, and marketing departments to conceptualize a powerful marketing strategy that will create a niche in the market segment. EVA’s virtual assistants can provide a comprehensive strategy that involves segmentation strategy, product pricing policy, and the buyer persona.

Positioning of Products and Services

Positioning of Products and Services

Be it product development from scratch or rebuilding an existing product lineup, we help you to stay ahead of the change without using up your marketing budget. Our virtual assistants will help target buyers to understand the true value proposition of your product. We will provide them measurable data to help them understand where your products stand in the market. Our VA can position your products or services in a way that enables a customer to perceive better value in what you have to offer.

Branding Campaigns

Branding Campaigns

We think it is not enough for you to settle with a small share of the market when you can leverage our branding efforts to competitively corner the market. Our virtual assistant for product and service promotion will take over the entire branding function to cut a unique path leaving the competition behind. EVA’s virtual assistants can design product identify, email signature, website, and even develop a successful brand strategy to help you leave a distinctive mark to gain instant recognition.

Product Promotion

Product Promotion

Our virtual assistant gives your brand the much-needed momentum to organically enhancing your brand authority, visibility, and relevance. To do so, they harness content marketing, media buying & planning, PPC, digital campaign, and SMO/SEO. Our remote workers use creativity and skill to design a smart digital ecosystem and drive multi-channel brand awareness campaigns.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Assistants for Product & Service Promotion

Outsourcing virtual assistant services for product and service promotion to EVA is always a seamless experience. Your existing deficiencies will be thoroughly evaluated before determining the best approach that is cost and time-effective. Our team will determine your requirement, and project complexity before extending an estimated cost and turnaround time. The process of delegating cross-promotion of services and products to our VA is as follows -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

In the initial stage, we determine your requirements through personalized consultations. We will collect valuable insights on your marketing deficiency and budget

2. Documenting the Procedure

Your current promotional methods will be documented to help our remote workers deliver a consistent promotional experience to your prospective clients

3. Test Procedural Validity Before Delegation

Our VA conducts trials to establish the validity of the documented process. Once set, we will use the finalized promotional strategy as a preset for a larger sales campaign

4. Task Delegation

The project manager will assess the cultural fit of virtual assistants, certification, and qualification before delegating responsibilities

5. Using the Tools to Handle VA Tasks

We are advocates of AI and ML technologies. Therefore, we use automation tools to carry out product and service promotion

6. Competency Assessment

After the commencement of the service, we will routinely assess the performance to ensure that the VA is helping you meet the business goals

7. Process Documentation

The end-to-end virtual remote assistant services we offer will be documented to ensure accountability and backtracking of the process

Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Call Assistant for Product and Service Promotion

Hiring a full-time marketing agent to run product and service promotion may not justify your marketing spend. To save cost you need to hire a virtual assistant for product and service promotion from EVA at hourly/monthly rates. Not only does it add flexibility to your marketing model, but it also adds more time to the day so you can focus on being a decision-maker than dealing with non-core functions. Outsource virtual assistant services for product and service promotion and get the following benefits -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    Customize your requirements by telling the number of resources you prefer for product and service promotion. In doing so, you can increase your savings and reduce the expenditure.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    You need not own a dedicated infrastructure to house the backend administration, we will take care of managing the administration behind cross-promotion of services and products. Our professionals manage the resource, technology, security systems, and even ensure compliance.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    When you hire a virtual assistant for product and service promotion from EVA, you can forgo your concerns about the employee payroll management because it is completely taken care of by Express Virtual Assistant. Therefore, you will be invoiced exclusively for the service provided by our remote workers.

  • Quality Services

    If your concerns are about the quality and skill of the virtual assistant for product and service promotion, leave your concerns behind. We have a dedicated team of QA experts who will evaluate the performance of our remote workers. If necessary, we enforce amendments to their approach to ensure better sales conversion.

  • Timelines

    We are never late in delivering results. Our remote workers can deliver warm leads within the stipulated time if not ahead of it. We work within the planned framework to engage potential customers when the opportunity is right.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    The virtual assistant for product and service promotions offered by EVA are highly trained and certified professionals who have decades of experience in a range of call center functions. We provide additional training to handle VA tools, so it enhances their success probability in warming up leads.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    It is so much easier to scale when you consider a virtual assistant for product and service promotion. EVA is a reputed virtual assistant company for product and service promotion having the bandwidth to handle multiple projects across a range of complexity.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    You can expect us to fulfill our assurance of secure data management. We take quality measures to prevent your precious business data from falling into wrong hands. Our virtual assistants are certified professionals who have assigned the non-disclosure agreement. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your data is 100% safe.

Hiring a VA for Product and Service Promotion Doesn’t Cost Much!

Zero upfront or hidden charges make our services more affordable and lucrative at the same time. You can share about your requirement and we will personalize the service to meet your organizational goals. Our pricing policy is highly transparent and intended to lessen your anxiety. At only $8 an hour, you can get the best virtual assistants to promote your services and products across the right market.

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EVA is a top virtual assistant service provider for product promotion where virtual assistant for product and service promotion can eagerly engage your potential customers to sense their intent to understand your services. Our remote workers fill the information void to prepare your potential client for conversion. With animated conversations, the remote agents will help your client see the larger picture and understand the gains that can be had by ordering the product or service. The scalability of our services frees you from becoming frustrated with the paperwork. So, hire a virtual appointment cross-promotion of product and services and make an onward journey to reach your marketing goal.

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