Virtual Assistant for Remote IT and Tech Support

Our virtual assistants provide reliable and professional IT support services and solutions and after-sales technical support through multiple channels to help you better serve your customers

Are you finding it difficult to provide efficient and reliable remote IT and tech support services to your clients? Are computer problems, hardware malfunctions, and network issues preventing you from enhancing your productivity? Are you looking for cost-effective and professional remote IT support services to take your business to the next level? If so, you are at the right place.

Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) can provide you with a professional and reliable virtual assistant for remote IT and tech support services to provide your customers greater support. When you hire a virtual assistant for remote IT and tech support from us, you get a professional who is immediately ready to begin working for you remotely. Not only do you not have to worry about infrastructure and payroll headaches, you also get access to profesionals dedicated and motivated to provide superior tech and IT support services.

Remote IT and Tech Support Services We Offer

Our virtual assistants (VAs) are committed to providing superior services. Outsource virtual assistant services for remote IT and tech support to us to take your business to greater heights. Outsourcing virtual assistant services for remote IT and tech support to our virtual assistants provides you with professionals that are experienced in providing superior services to global clients.

EVA is a virtual assistant service providing company for remote IT support to clients all over the world. We have many years of experience in providing tech support virtual assistants to help a variety of clients with their needs. As an established virtual assistant service provider for IT support, you can be sure that all the virtual assistants we provide are of the highest-calibre.

Our virtual assistants are proficient and experienced in providing a complete range of remote IT and tech support services, including -

  1. Software Assistance

    Our virtual assistants can provide expert software assistance and after-sales support for your software products. Software assistance services our VAs provide include providing assistance for software-related problems such as driver installation, software updates, and others, and software application maintenance and support, configuration changes, and file updates.

  2. Hardware Assistance

    Our professional VAs provide professional hardware assistance support that can be customized based on your requirements. Our VAs are always ready to help resolve any and all of your computer hardware problems.

  3. Troubleshooting Network Issues

    Our VAs are adept and trained to provide real-time troubleshooting of network issues, including internet service problems and network manangement issues. Our VAs can provide continuous remote network monitoring to facilitate quick network issue resolution.

  4. System Troubleshooting

    Our VAs can actively troubleshoot system issues and provide fixes to resolve system issues. Our VAs can also proactively monitor and manage remote networks and systems.

  5. Sales Support

    Our VAs can provide expert pre-sales and post-sales product support for a variety of products and services. Whatever your sales support need, our VAs can get up and running quickly to provide you with the support you need.

  6. Remote PC Repair

    Our VAs have a lot of experience with efficiently and reliably helping customers to repair their PCs. If it can be repaired remotely, you can be sure that our VAs will handle it.

  7. Warranty Assistance and Support

    Our VAs can provide a full range of services related to warranty support.

  8. Remote Backup Management

    Our VAs are adept at providing remote backup management services to help customers with all their backup needs.

  9. Security Management

    Our VAs provide expert security management services, including real-time bug fixing, fixing email issues, security practices compliance, and virus healing and protection.

  10. Helpdesk Support

    Our VAs can be reliably used to provide a host of professional helpdesk support services, including corporate helpdesk support.

  11. Disaster Recovery Services

    Our VAs provide a whole host of disaster recovery services, including data recovery to allow for efficient business continuity in the event of a system failure.

  12. IT Asset Management Services

    Our VAs provide expert IT asset management services for clients all over the world.

  13. DBA Support Services

    Our VAs provide remote DBA support services, including the maintenance and protection of critical data.

When you hire an IT tech support virtual assistant from EVA, you can reduce your dependency on your in-house team and not have to bother with hiring a full-time employee.

Process Followed by Our Remote IT and Tech Support Virtual Assistants

We provide expert virtual assistant services for remote IT and tech support, and, to do this, our VAs follow a well-defined process. Key steps in this process are -

1. Requirement Analysis

In this step, we coordinate with the client to fully understand the different requirements and to analyze the nature and volume of work

2. Strategic Planning

Once the requirements have been understood, our project manager will develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the project and an appropriate team is formed

3. Task Assignment

Tasks are assigned to the different team members based on their expertise and task complexity

4. Implementation

After the tasks have been assigned and all roles and responsibilities understood, the virtual assistants for technical support begin providing remote IT and tech support

5. Reporting

Our virtual assistant for call center database management is trained in top database technologies. They can also be exclusively trained in the database management technology used by your organization

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Remote IT and Tech Support from EVA?

Hiring a remote IT and tech support virtual assistant from Express Virtual Assistant can be just what your business needs to continue to grow and prosper. There are a host of reasons to hire a virtual assistant from EVA. These include -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    It can't get any more convenient and cost-effective than to use our pay-as-you-go model. With this model, you can save on costs by paying only for the services you receive and not anything else. You also don't need to hire full-time remote IT and tech support professionals.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    When you hire a virtual assistant from us, you have zero administrative concerns. You don't need to invest in expensive infrastructure and tools and technologies. When you outsource to us, we take care of all the administrative headaches.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Choosing a virtual assistant from us means you do not have to spend money to cover payroll expenses and benefits that you would have had to if you hired a full-time employee. You can also use your marketing spend more efficiently.

  • Quality Services

    Our VAs are committed to providing only the highest-quality services. Our VAs are also continuously assessed by project managers and quality assurance agents to ensure that their performance meets or surpasses international standards.

  • Timelines

    Providing quality service on time every time is taken very seriously by all our VAs. We take every step to ensure that all our services are provided within the deadline and are constantly improving our process efficiency.

  • Specialized Professionals

    Our remote IT and tech support professionals comprise those that are highly-qualified and experienced to provide specialized IT and tech support services. With our qualified and skilled professionals handling your remote IT and tech support services, you are guaranteed to receive only the highest-quality services.

  • Flexibility to Scale

    Flexibility to scale is one of the important features that we provide to our clients. This feature is provided to clients so that they can meet an increase or decrease in the demand for their IT and tech support services with ease.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We are very firm with our VAs when it comes to adhering to the robust data protection meaures we follow. We take every step to ensure that your sensitive data is only accessible to the select professionals that have signed the NDA.

Hiring a Remote IT and Tech Support Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

You can hire a virtual assistant for IT and tech support easily and without worrying about prohibitive costs. We provide our VAs at highly-competitive rates that are also flexible, reasonable, and transparent. Irrespective of your budget, we have a VA that can help with your remote IT and tech support. Starting at only $8 an hour, our services provide exceptional value-for-money.

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Express Virtual Assistant is a leading provider of virtual assistants to help with remote IT and tech support functions. With our virtual assistants, you can save on costs by not having to hire a full-time professional and also serve all your customers reliably and professionally. You can begin to take growth-driven decisions and be assured that all your tech and IT support services are being provided in a highly-competent manner.

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