Virtual Assistant for Competitor Analysis

Successfully benchmark, research, monitor, and analyze your competitor's performance by hiring a virtual assistant for competitor analysis at just $8 per hour

There are three basic things that define the success of a business - Market, Money, and Motto. If you have the latter two things taken care of, then, all you need is acceptability, continuity, and growth in the market. Well, to sustain, you have to make big bets, not by the stomping of your competitors, but by beating them with proper due diligence of their business. Now, if you are facing any difficulties to execute that, you must hire a virtual assistant for competitor analysis from us at Express Virtual Assistant (EVA).

Often, competitor analysis provides a wide range of information about competitors' actions, strategies, marketing expertise, business performance, and more. This information is a derivative of long-term research, including the classification, collection, compilation, dissemination, and analysis of information related to the competitors' products, services, market reach, business performance, growth and more. Evidently, this information will help to understand the weaknesses, gaps, and strengths of the competitors. Thus, by choosing our virtual assistant services for competitor analysis, you will have real-time information about your competitors at your disposal. In this way, you and your stakeholders can make strategic changes/decisions to deal with the competition!

Our Virtual Assistant Services for Competitor Analysis

Two major things that you can achieve by outsourcing virtual assistant for competitor analysis to us are: First, you will be able to assess your position vis-à-vis your competitor's revenue (business), second, you can boil down to the basic steps that you need to take to improve your business. Thus, you need to execute a definite competitive analysis or take an expert's help. A few of the many services that you can avail by choosing to hire a virtual assistant for competitor analysis from us, include -

  1. Benchmarking of Competitors

    By deciding to hire our virtual assistant for competitor analysis, you can gain access to all kinds of relevant information about your competitor(s). Further, you can leverage that information to create and follow those successful practices, or, you can come up with your own. Thus, outsourcing virtual assistant for competitor analysis will definitely clear all the roadblocks in the path of your journey. A few key areas where our virtual assistant can evaluate your competitors are -

    • Investment and Income
    • Number of direct/indirect resources
    • Price tracking
    • Brand value and share
    • Geographic influence
    • Product line
    • Product or service quality
    • Social media influence and performance
    • marketing and advertising campaigns
    • Customer experience
    • Research and development (R&D) projects
    • Short-term and long-term goals
    • Strategic partnership
    • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  2. Competitor Research

    If your business plan is robust, you can overcome all kinds of hurdles, take your investors and stakeholders in confidence, and have well-established strategies to tackle your competition. One of the key areas that you need to cover before devising a strong business plan is conducting thorough competitor research.

    As a premier virtual assistant service provider for competitor analysis, our core team is proficient in carrying out competitor research in term of -

    • Industry Analysis
      • Scale of business
      • Key players
      • Trends in terms of technology, demographics, and culture
    • Brand Positioning Analysis
      • Website research
      • Market research
    • Price Analysis
      • Net profit/loss
      • Direct/indirect income sources
    • Product/Service Analysis
      • Client prospecting
      • Finding out new market areas
      • Focusing on the competitor's strongholds
      • Target-market analysis
  3. Monitoring of Competitors

    Mere research and benchmarking won't do. You have to keep the process as long as you hope to run your business. It is almost certain that if you emerge as a leading player, everyone will notice you. Hence, you will become their source of analysis. Thus, you have to continue your competitor analysis process to hit the bigger and maintain your position.

    EVA is a prominent virtual assistant company for competitor analysis that can help you in monitoring your business rivals. If you choose to hire a virtual assistant for competitor analysis, especially for competitor monitoring, then we can help you with -

    • Website monitoring
      • Marketing campaigns
      • Keywords
      • Content, etc.
    • Social Media Presence
    • Updating the competitor lists
  4. Demand/Gap Analysis

    When you are done with the benchmarking of key metrics, competitor research, and monitoring, you will get a fair idea of the areas where you can make a mark. In a broader term, you can forecast the scope of your growth, market capacity and indulgence, and areas that you need to focus on. Thus, to help you further, we provide Demand/Gap Analysis services under our virtual assistant for competitor analysis. This way, you will have a clear picture of the target and goal. All you have to do is take an aim and shoot!

  5. PESTEL Analysis

    PESTEL, which stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors is more about the influence relating to the macro set-up of a business. If you want us to help you with this, you must choose to hire our virtual assistant for competitor analysis. This way, you will have access to a team of skilled and experienced business intelligence (BI) experts who can analyze your competitor(s) in terms of the macro-factors (PESTEL). Further, with the result of the PESTEL analysis at your hand, you will be able to find out the immediate and long-haul threats and can take action to prevent them.

  6. On-demand Virtual Assistant for Competitor Analysis

    With our virtual assistant services for competitor analysis, we provide skilled resources who can work at your pace and time. You can leverage them to analyze your company's practices and key metrics with business leaders. This way, you can improve your product quality, customer service, marketing & sales initiatives, and more.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Assistant for Competitor Analysis

By choosing to outsource virtual assistant for competitor analysis to EVA, you can considerably cut man-hour costs and derive at better results in less time. Here is a breakup of how our experts provide virtual assistant services for competitor analysis -

  • Identification of core areas to focus on
  • Segregating the analysis work into Quantitative and Qualitative spectrum
  • Assigning tasks to a relevant virtual assistant(s)
  • Leveraging appropriate tools
  • Creating reports and sharing the findings with clients
  • Ability assessment to check your response, if unsatisfactory, we will allocate different resource for your core needs

Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Assistant for Competitor Analysis to EVA

Whether you are looking for a single resource or a team of virtual assistants for competitor analysis, we can tailor our offerings to suit your needs. Having said that, take a look below at a few of the many advantages you will get only by outsourcing virtual assistant for competitor analysis to us at EVA.

  • Cost-effective Services

    By choosing to partner with us, you can take advantage of the capabilities of our virtual assistants to streamline your competitor's analytics process and stay competitive. This will lead to a sudden decline in expenditure vis-à-vis cost. Further, we have a flexible pricing model for all our services, which are based on a project timeline, scope, and volume.

  • On-demand Availability of Expert VAs

    You are likely to run out of your budget or may not be able to onboard resources as per your need because of your location or otherwise. In any case, if this is the issue, then do not worry. If you partner up to outsource virtual assistant services for competitor analysis, you can leverage our exclusive pool of experienced, skilled, and on-demand resources. Also, due to existing Visa issues, outsourcing is the better option for you.

  • More Control over Burn-rate

    In case, if you are just starting your business or have run a small-to-medium enterprise, then every step that you tread will either make or break your business, thus, affecting your overall performance, efficiency, and brand value. Needless to say, you have limited money that you have to spend wisely. We got you covered here. At EVA, you can recruit our virtual assistant for competitor analysis to access a better team at a low expense.

  • Access to Larger Skillset

    In today's volatile business environment where competition is neck and neck, you cannot risk compromising on time, cost, and efficiency. But, choosing to virtual assistant for competitor analysis from EVA will give you more time to focus on your skills and better manpower at a reasonable price.

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    With our 24/7 service and time zone differences, our VA can successfully assist you with all types of competitor analysis processes/ operations. This way, you can focus on core tasks and reduce overall throughput time.

  • Option to Scale-up

    Our virtual assistant for competitor analysis allows you to allocate an exact number of resources based on your project need. In addition, you can fine-tune the deliverables at any time by increasing or decreasing the same number.

  • More Flexibility

    With our exclusive but flexible collaboration business model, you will have end-to-end control over your project and can assign virtual assistants for competitor analysis at your own pace and time.

  • Access to Qualified and Agile Team

    With its agile operative model and a large number of talented resources, EVA can help you analyze your competitors efficiently and quickly. To do that, we have more than 500 skilled workers who work full time.

  • Pre-built Functions and Processes

    With our pre-built accelerators, tools, frameworks, and systems, we have the required resource capacity and technology know-how to kick start your project in the shortest amount of time. From the research phase to the execution of the competitor analysis process, our VAs can provide their services in a proficient manner.

  • Higher Work Productivity

    A suitable offshore partner, such as Express Virtual Assistant, can provide complete competitor analysis of all types. Thus, by outsourcing virtual assistant for competitor analysis to us, you can tap the rich portfolio of our vast pool of talented virtual resources. As a result, you will see a hasty surge in business performance.

  • Intelligent Resource Allocation

    Integrating, training, supervising and holding the finest talent is a daunting task. However, with our vast portfolio of different virtual resources and core support team, we can assign the resources of your choice to your project.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant for Competitor Analysis Doesn't Cost Much!

If you choose EVA Virtual Assistant for competitive analysis, you no longer need to invest in hiring or training in-house/on-premise resources. Besides, we have inculcated a lucid collaboration model where our processes and operations are crystal clear. Thus, you can be sure that no prepaid or hidden fees will be charged. By assuring transparency in the costing of our services, we guarantee a modest proposal that our rivals can never equal. For only $8 per hour, we provide the best virtual assistant services for competitor analysis.

Our Pricing plans

Outsource Virtual Assistant Services for Competitor Analysis to EVA

You can leverage our virtual assistant services for competitor analysis for all kinds of competitor research, benchmarking, monitoring, and analyzing needs. No matter the type of service or number of VAs you choose, you will receive the same level of unprecedented to each of your needs. The analysis of a competitor's business requires a long-haul research process, which includes keeping an eye on both micro and macro set up of the business.

As a business owner, if you are facing a time crunch to personally carry out your competitor analysis, then you must consider hiring our virtual assistants. Our services are flexible, scalable, cost-effective and result-driven. Thus, all you need to do is reach out to us with your specific demand. Our agent will revert with a custom quotation.

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