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Get your academic content transcribed with great attention to detail and accuracy within a fast turnaround time starting at just $8/hour

IIf you want a virtual assistant for academic transcription services to worry about transcribing academic, research, and interview recordings for academic study and collaboration, hire a virtual assistant for academic transcription services from Express Virtual Assistant. When you choose us, you'll get a certified VA to attend to your requirement and turn captured or live recordings into accurate transcripts. Our team can work remotely from our infrastructure, eliminating the need for you to own one. All along, we walk you through the process to let you have a clear view of what we do.

Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) is a top virtual academic transcription assistant providing company. We have both sound infrastructure and experienced sales teams whom we mobilize at a moment's notice. Within the stipulated time frame, we work with excellence to close knowledge gaps. Our team also handles a continuum of other translation services at reasonable rates.

Academic Transcription Services Offered by Our Virtual Assistants

It's more important for academicians and educational institutions to have a clean record of educational content. Often, this is seen as a challenge because non-factual transcripts eventually affect the quality of pedagogy. So hire a virtual assistant for academic transcription services to bridge gaps and prevent lapses, if any. If you aren't sure where to start, Hire VA for academic transcription services to know more about how we can help -

Research Transcription

Research Transcription

If you want research interviews with panel members transcribed verbatim, we will help you take advantage of our research transcription services. As a professional academic transcription company, our team of transcriptionists will help you use the material for research so that university professors and lecturing faculties can improve the quality of pedagogy.

Academic Symposium Transcription

Academic Symposium Transcription

Thought leaders coming together for academic symposiums would want their voices heard across event followers and virtual forums to stimulate thinking and further academic exploration. This is better facilitated through high-quality academic symposium transcription. At EVA, we provide transcription services to fulfill the needs of participants.

Academic Interview Transcription

Academic Interview Transcription

If you have recordings of academic interviews, we will turn those into high-quality transcripts at affordable rates. Our team of certified transcriptionists captures context from recordings of educational and academic materials to improve KT and the scope of research.

Conference Transcription

Conference Transcription

Send us your conference recordings and we'll convert those into transcription's that'll be available anytime, anywhere. You can use content capturing tools in the background of video calls to have content recorded verbatim. This information would be used to transcribe with accuracy.

Essay Transcription

Essay Transcription

When students are asked to submit completed essay assignments, some of them would've used a laptop while others may've preferred paper and pencil. This is where our essay transcriptionist would come in handy. They use technology to turn paperwork into digital forms to uniformize the review and scoring process.

Thesis Transcription

Thesis Transcription

The thesis must contain facts backing the presentation that could be an interview, lecture, conference, seminar, or audio. We capture these timestamped data and spread it out in a well-organized record for quality of presentation.

Academic Research Transcription Services

Academic Research Transcription Services

We partner with top universities and leading academic institutions that require the best transcription service by virtual assistants. We import data from voice recording platforms used by students, faculty, and academicians. While you focus on data recording, we will sample the data that would otherwise take a significant amount of processing time in your hands. We can work on large projects by engaging a larger team of academic research transcriptionists who strive to maintain the promised standards.

Dissertation Transcription

Dissertation Transcription

Dissertation transcriptions can now be ordered from us at reasonable rates and of superb quality. Our team is engaged to convert lectures and discussions into quality transcripts. We know you always wanted to free from drudgery and we've heard you. Our team can transcribe dissertations including the speaker's emotions, speech patterns, and more that are part of the interview.

Transcription Services for Students

Transcription Services for Students

Let's agree transcription can be a pain to deal with when you're shortchanged on time and money because it needs them both in sizable volumes to conclude at successful records. Our team spends an average of 3 hours transcribing interviews that are over an hour. Further, using speech recognition software, we keep the transcription process going. We'll give you qualitative data in hours if not days.

Oral History Transcription

Oral History Transcription

We all have a unique speech and authoring pattern that makes transcriptions conflicting when the intent is not captured verbatim. Our team focuses on oral history transcription where an excessive amount of formatting and editing is a necessity. Also crucial is the generic guidance that we provide to help you write summaries that are informative and expressively worded for the intended audience.

Lecture Transcription

Lecture Transcription

Transcribing lectures have been one of our specialties. As an experienced academic transcription virtual assistant provider, we help student and faculty communities to be connected via lectures held at educational institutions.

Seminar Transcription

Seminar Transcription

If you're seeing the services of experienced transcriptionists, we can help you stay on top of seminars that you've missed by reading about it from our transcripts. You'll get more bang-for-buck when you hire a virtual assistant for an academic transcription service from us. We make it errorless and deliver transcripts within a tight TAT even if it is outside the regular business hours.

Group Discussion Transcription

Group Discussion Transcription

Having a group hosted a panel to discuss challenges as part of qualitative research, you would be to recap the topics that are covered to look for caveats and opportunities. To do so, we enable you to have readily readable group discussion transcripts to keep your focus on the matter than to have it dangle.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Assistants for Academic Transcription Services

The process adopted by our virtual cash flow assistant is designed to ensure a continuous flow of information, so your team is fully aware of what our VA agents have on their to-do lists. When you hire virtual assistant for academic transcription service, we'll walk you through the following process -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

EVA will assign project leads to identify itemized list that requires transcription to be performed by virtual assistants

2. Documenting the Procedure

We perform feasibility check before taking on academic transcription responsibilities

3. Test Procedural Validity before Delegation

A pilot project may be conducted at the client's behest to help them understand our approach and form an initial opinion

4. Task Delegation

The task will be cut out to a qualified virtual academic transcriptionist who also would be assessed for cultural fit

5. Using the Tools to Handle VA Tasks

Our VA are trained to use a wide variety of automation tools so repetitive academic transcription tasks can be automated to a great degree

6. Competency Assessment

The competence of our VA will be assed periodically to meet the client's expectations

7. Process Documentation

The end-to-end process is documented accordingly to help future clients with similar needs

Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants for Academic Transcription

Outsourcing virtual assistant for academic transcription services to EVA gives you several advantages. Here are a few immediate benefits that can be had by choosing us -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    Being a reputed academic transcription virtual assistant provider, we are quite particular about how we charge our clients. We always recommend ways to customize their order.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    Running a full-fledged academic transcription typically needs an on-demand infrastructure and network to keep administration taut. This is completely taken care of by us.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    When it comes to virtual assistant for academic transcription, we eliminate your payroll hassles. Why pay to hire people when you pay for their service?

  • Quality Services

    Once we are put in charge of academic transcription, we pay attention to the quality and make sure that the transcripts are accurate at least up to 98%. However, we end up hitting upper circuits in quality.

  • Timeliness

    Finishing and delivering projects are not our only specialization. We take all efforts to complete our tasks within the stipulated timeline.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    Once you outsource virtual assistant for academic transcription services, you get access to professionals who dedicate their time and effort to complete tasks with precision.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    If you need more bandwidth to have more transcriptions done in a short span, we have you covered by offering scalable bandwidth.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We leave no room for error. Our team always ensures confidentiality and security to manage data under maximum security.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant for Academic Transcription Doesn't Cost Much!

There are no hidden charges at EVA. The workflow and the resource requirement will be beforehand so all project aspects are controllable. Our final invoice won't vary marginally from the initial estimates. At a base fare of just $8 an hour, our services are an absolute steal.

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