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Virtual Assistant for Cold Canvassing Services

Managing cold canvassing for your business mitigates the risk of losing a valuable business opportunity as our VA services are more agile and efficient, starting upwards of $8/hour

In recent years, the lead markets have become a competitive sphere that has seen cold canvassers aggressively targeting customers and even going to great lengths to siphon current customers loyal to other brands. So if you want to be competitive in a tough market, hire a virtual assistant for cold canvassing services. This ensures a continuous supply of conversion-ready leads to your sales team. With a cold canvassing company like ours, there is no risk to your reputation as we only engage verified clients that have an interest in products or services that you have on offer. This reduces the rejection rates and cost of cold calling. As a virtual cold canvassing service provider that knows the pulse of local and international markets, Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) is the bridge between your business and the next prospective client.

EVA's cold canvassing services are handled by professionals using scripts custom-made for your business model to engage prospects. We educate the client and show them tangible values that can be had by choosing your services. This enables them to make decisions based on proof of success rather than assumptions.

Virtual Assistant for Cold Canvassing Services We Offer

When you hire a Virtual Assistant for Cold Canvassing from EVA, our remote workers will understand your customers before attempting to contact them. Our remote assistants help you optimize customer retention and selling potential to drive your sales revenue. Our virtual assistant services for cold canvassing include -

B2B Cold Canvassing Services

B2B Cold Canvassing Services

When you hire VA for cold canvassing services, our telemarketers bring you B2B cold calling services where we connect to decision-makers from fortune 500s and SMB's to prospect for a business opportunity. We tender services that you have on offer to the people who may need them at competitive rates and better value. We'll position your services or products to make them desirable for bulk orders and qualify leads that express interest in the offerings. The list of those who qualify for prospecting is then segmented and passed on to your sales executives.

B2C Cold Canvassing Services

B2C Cold Canvassing Services

While we stride forward making success in cold canvassing for B2B clients, we also extend the same services to B2C businesses. If you want your products or services sold directly to an end-user, you'll need a list of the audience that is worthy of prospecting. This is what we do when you outsource virtual assistant for cold canvassing services. Our team will assess the market, depth, and ability to penetrate clusters that are likely to respond better and prospect real people with real needs. We weave our approach method empathetically to avoid negative influence.

Developing Customized Scripts

Developing Customized Scripts

We know many companies lack a sound calling script that's worthy to be used in cold canvassing. Our Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing services will design custom scripts that are tailor-made for the end-users and businesses by addressing their pain points. The scripts include a personalized salutation, opening engagement, value education, and CTA leading recipients to your sales departments.

Meticulously Devised Strategies

Meticulously Devised Strategies

Our VA executes the script you provide or makes one fresh approved by your sales team. We provide cold calling strategies that positively influence the calling list by using their interests and inclination to devise a winning marketing pitch. This way we can show real values instead of telling them what they could get in return. Our customer-centric strategy is making waves in today's industry and holds key to growth.

Follow-up Calls and Feedback Sessions

Follow-up Calls and Feedback Sessions

Connections between brands and their loyalists are kept taut when communication and feedback are consistent. At EVA, we do just that by offering the best follow-up calls and feedback support. We engage clients who have recently chosen your services to understand their experience and fulfillment. This gives us a measure of how likely they are to defect to other brands and helps you prevent it by upping service levels.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Our team is known to harness the power of marketing automation to streamline the existing process. We look deep into your current activities and bifurcate functions that can be automated for efficiency. In doing so, we reduce the leg work from causing burnouts in your sales and marketing department. Our cutting-edge marketing technology is developed in-house to be customized for business and to allow integration with your CRM for better data reception and transformation.

Appointment Setting


Outsourcing Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing services also brings you an appointment setting solution that takes care of matching clients with your sales representative for further engagements. Our VA will call up customers and qualify them as per the script before setting up an appointment.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Cold Canvassing Assistants

To hire a Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing services, all you have to do is call us and we'll fix an appointment at the earliest date. Thereafter, we look at your budget preference and expected turnaround time needs before mapping duties to our agents. The process behind Virtual Assistant for Cold Canvassing is as follows -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

The roles that you prefer to delegate are analyzed by EVA's experts and marked for delegation to an authorized virtual assistant

2. Documenting the Procedure

Your current process will be used as a base to help our VA know what you lack and what could be improved for better performance

3. Test Procedural Validity Before Delegation

The cold canvassing process will be evaluated to ensure the outcome meets the expectation before the complete delegation of the service

4. Task Delegation

The Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing is vetted and chosen after measuring their cultural fit

5. Using the Tools to Handle VA Tasks

Our Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing is trained in call center technologies. They use our infrastructure to provide remote services to you

6. Competency Assessment

We measure the competence of our team by evaluating the reports and deliverables

7. Process Documentation

We document reports that encompass the process, deliverables, and goals met to give you the complete picture of everything we do

Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Cold Canvassing Assistants from EVA

Getting cold calling done in-house on your company's payroll may not be the best choice if your budget is constrained. So outsourcing virtual assistant for cold canvassing services gets you services of a professional equivalent to an FTE. Therefore, you can take a smarter step by outsourcing virtual assistant services for cold canvassing. The benefits that await are as follows -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    When you hire a Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing, you end up paying only for the services without sacrificing the quality.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    No administration to manage is equivalent to zero hassles. With nothing to drag your growth, your performance will continue to be on the edge.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    EVA has you covered when it comes to employee payroll. We have it managed so that you needn't pay for the agent the same way you do for an FTE.

  • Quality Services

    Express Virtual Assistant where you find professionals enthusiastic about the quality. Our team of agents can dedicatedly solve quality issues plaguing the system.

  • Timeliness

    When you hire a Virtual Assistant for cold canvassing you are also hiring the most punctual service providers who value your time more than theirs.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    Your functions are in safe hands when you hire VA for cold canvassing services from EVA. This is because we have call center professionals who have years of experience.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    Scale up or scale down whenever needed to adjust the performance linearly. You get complete control over the number of agents you need on the cold canvassing project.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    Your data is safe with us because we are under oath and obligated by a legal contract to ensure the security of your data.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Call Center Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

Free from all upfront costs and hidden charges, you shall receive the quote for the services alone. We take extra care to ensure transparency in the pricing to make every dollar you spend count. Our SPOC will explain more specific features and project benefits that will help you understand how you are being charged. At a base fare of just $8 an hour, our services are an absolute steal.

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We'll extend our best cold canvassing services to clients that are short on budget and need professionals with caliber to keep up with the pace of full-time equivalent. Our team has rich experience and training in cold canvassing and they ensure successful customer outreach without reduction in values. If you want our call center services, we'll help you out with a custom quote.

Hire a dedicated express virtual call center assistant to make cold canvassing efficient for your business. Call us for a quick and free consultation.

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