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Entice and stimulate your readers by hiring professional Virtual Assistants to design your eBook at rates starting at $8 per hour

Designing or authoring eBook isn't the most exciting thing because it needs time, dedication, and patience which most people lack given the circumstance. So if you find yourself stretched between too many tasks and having limited bandwidth to author or design eBook, hire a virtual assistant for eBook design from Express Virtual Assistant (EVA). In doing so, you get the professional services of a virtual assistant who can work onsite or offsite to deliver eBook design just like you needed for your project. When you outsource virtual assistant for eBook design services, you will have more bandwidth for other functions where your time and attention is needed. In the background, our team will take care of virtual eBook design services.

At Express Virtual Assistant, we believe in the philosophy of educating clients about our approach to improve transparency and the way we execute services. We design high-quality eBook with well-planned layouts and formats that you've envisioned. It helps you build a connection with readers and stimulate curiosity and discussion.

Virtual eBook Design Assistant Services We Offer

To hire virtual assistant for eBook design service from EVA is straightforward and is rarely complicated. Our solutions will address your pain points and deliver results that are done with due diligence. We undertake the following requirement from the clients -

Checking Facts in eBook

Checking Facts in eBook

If you have scribbled ideas, quotes, and other things flowing through your thoughts, it's unlikely to be ready for publishing. It may have errors while you jotted down in a rush. There could also be other things like permission to use quotes, fact-checking, and more. All of these would be taken care of when you hire VA for eBook design services.

eBook Transcription & Note-taking

eBook Transcription & Note-taking

If you think typing is cumbersome, our virtual assistant will help you author content with speed and accuracy. They are dexterous with their hands and can keep up with your expectation. They take notes of your ideas and important content that is verbally said. If you are a lone worker, our assistant will use a speech recognition tool to transcribe speech and produce a clean output.

Content Proofreading

Content Proofreading

Editing takes care of errors that might have gotten past your attention. So having our virtual assistant take care of editing makes sure your manuscript is of professional quality. They use proofreading tools to filter erroneous content and fix words that aren't suitable for your content.

Application for ISBN, Licensing, and more

Application for ISBN, Licensing, and more

Another boring routine involved in eBook publishing is the paperwork. It's a legwork to apply for ISBN, license, and bar codes. These are functions you'd want to wish away, but can't do so because they are oh-so-necessary. So instead of getting tied up with drudgery, hire virtual assistant for eBook design service, and they'll take over the functions.

eBook Cover Design

eBook Cover Design

If your book isn't appearing professional from cover to cover, it could be an arduous task to pique the reader's curiosity. So EVA's virtual assistant for eBook design uses design tools to meticulously plan the layout, sidebars, cover art, and much more so your eBook appear delectable right off the shelves.

eBook Formatting

eBook Formatting

It's a great hassle to make eBook compatible across all publishing platforms as most of them follow conventions suited for select devices and platforms. So instead of working out the individual aspects on your own, let our VA worry about it. Having published thousands of books already, they'll make it seem like a breeze.

Finding Publishers for eBook

Finding Publishers for eBook

If you've gotten past all formalities in getting an eBook authored and edited, there is all but one important thing: finding a reputed publisher. Let our virtual assistants do that because they have access to a directory of publishers and will let you pick one that's best suited for your genre.

eBook Promotion

eBook Promotion

Being a top eBook Design Virtual Assistant Provider, we know the publishing isn't the last step. Your eBook must be found and able to reach buyers through eCommerce sites. This is also a process that is best left to professional VAs. They configure your eBook to make it easier for buyers to find and cart. Also, they carry out virtual tours to promote your book in communities where it is likely to be purchased. They also manage listings on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Nobile, Smashwords, and so on.

Collection of Testimonials

Collection of Testimonials

Testimonials add credibility to your eBook and it entices more readers to place an order. So our VA will hand out copies in advance and request readers to provide testimonials in return so that it can be included in the actual publication.

Process Followed by Our Virtual eBook Design Assistant

Our virtual remote assistant for eBook design is a specialist in creating aesthetically pleasing designs for getting your eBook noticed. They follow modern practices and use the best tools to accelerate the outcome. Our process involves -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

eBook design requirement will be reviewed by project leads after discussion with the client

2. Documenting the Procedure

The procure involved in the design of the eBook will be listed own in a document to help Vas to follow

3. Test Procedural Validity Before Delegation

The procedure will be tested on a sample document to ensure the process is successful before attempting a full-scale design

4. Task Delegation

The task of eBook design will be assigned to competent agents selected from talent reserves. They will be provided project briefs

5. Using the Tools to Handle VA Tasks

SPOC will allocate the tools necessary for the project and the work authorization will be provided

6. Competency Assessment

At select intervals, the project will be reviewed to ensure compliance with standards and client expectations

7. Process Documentation

The entire process will be documented as per the standard protocol and a summarized version of the report will be furnished to the client

Why Should You Hire A Virtual eBook Design Assistant from EVA?

You might wonder, why outsource virtual assistant for eBook design to EVA? The benefits aren't limited to time and cost savings. There are a plethora of advantages that can be had by counting on us and they include -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    We firmly believe you needn't pay for extras that you didn't ask for. So we present a plan where we specify clearly what is included in the service, so you can pay only for what you need.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    The biggest benefit of choosing an eBook Design Virtual Assistant Company like ours is that there are no concerns about managing administration because it's all being taken care of by us.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Outsourcing virtual assistant for eBook design services eliminates the need to worry about payroll because we take care of that and you need to pay only for the service rendered.

  • Quality Services

    When you hire a virtual assistant for eBook design, you will experience the quality of work from our VA because their efforts are constantly measured to ensure 100% compliance.

  • Timeliness

    At EVA, we are time bound and stick to our commitments. All deliverables will be met on time and the client will be ensured 100% satisfaction.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    Besides choosing VAs who are qualified for eBook design, we also check the cultural fit to ensure the agents you work with perceive your project just the way you do.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    An option to scale is always the biggest highlight of working with EVA. We offer you the chance to add more resources or remove depending on your project needs.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We always believe in keeping client data confidential so that it isn't leveraged by pesky marketers nor misused by those who intend harm. Our infrastructure has a security mechanism that takes care of protecting business data.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant for eBook Design Doesn't Cost Much!

Hire a remote virtual eBook design assistant without worrying about the cost because EVA offers custom solutions at highly affordable rates. Transparency in costs and the work strategy gives you the peace of mind and the ability to count on us. At rates starting from $8 an hour, our virtual assistant can bring incredible value adds for your business.

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Authoring and publishing eBook will expose you to on and off challenges. Some resolvable, while others need more time to fix. If you are time-crunched and lack the budget to straightway hire a full-time eBook designer, your best bet is to hire a virtual assistant for eBook designs and other creative services. It is nearly the same except you wouldn't have to pay emoluments and benefits to service providers. Instead, they can be hired on a need basis. This is what we provide our clients to help them save more money and time while having peace of mind.

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