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Get a unique storyboard for film sequence panels expertly done with your inputs to spark marketing opportunities and people-level engagement through VA starting from $8/hour

It doesn't matter what your firm size is but getting a storyboard created and managed to etch your marketing narrative into the audience's mind, you'd need an FTE or virtual storyboard service provider like us to make your initiative a hit rather than a miss. When you hire a Virtual Assistant for storyboard services, you'd be saving top dollars into productive results than throwing spaghetti and hoping it would stick. It doesn't matter how small your project is, our storyboard services can be carefully cut out to serve your unique preferences. Moreover, outsourcing virtual assistant for storyboard services is the smart move that most marketing companies are betting on these days. So don't wait! Hire VA for Storyboard Services from Express Virtual Assistant today!

Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) is a reputed virtual storyboard service provider from where you can hire VA for storyboard illustration services that resonate with the value you're after. We outclass every other data analytics company by offering the best Virtual Assistant for storyboard services you can get today!

Storyboard Services Services Provided by Our Virtual Assistants

When you outsource Virtual Assistant for storyboard services, we strongly resonate with your expectations and bring out the best Virtual Assistant for storyboard services you can afford. Our solutions include -

  1. Video Game Storyboard Services

    Have you wished your storyboard prepared with a dollop of creativity to gamify the narrative? Don't spend your marketing dollars on services that promise one thing and deliver another. Our Virtual Assistants can make your video game content snappier and personal with a powerful storyboard that reflects the plot planned.

  2. Cartoon Storyboard Services

    If your project is aimed at a younger audience, we'll make sure you keep your viewers riveted to the screen by having some of the best cartoon storyboards designed for better regional engagement among age groups. We look at your audience the same way you would sync our approach with your expectations.

  3. Storyboard Animatic Services

    EVA's VA can create a custom storyboard for animatic services to create visually stimulating concepts that are great for communicating ideas through animatic. Being qualified in storyboard creation, they use animated software to create mind-blowing storyboards.

  4. Character Designing Services

    We offer custom character designing services through VA so that you can get the designs done as per your requirement, complete with poses, gestures, and animations to define the animated characters.

  5. Animatic

    We simultaneously edit storyboards to create high-definition animatic to create continuity boards called an animatic. We perfect the times to incorporate dialogs and audio. By outsourcing virtual assistant for storyboard services, you can efficiently pitch clients with our animatic.

  6. Motion Graphics

    We create high-quality motion graphics for storyboards by leveraging elements suitable for print graphics by incorporating animation. Additionally, we add vocals, BG, and further animations to the actual work.

  7. Character Creation

    We create fantabulous characters that define your brand, concept, or story through visual elements to evoke the audience's appreciation through a personal connection. Our virtual assistant services are just right for your needs.

  8. eLearning Storyboard Services

    We create a custom storyboard for eLearning content so that your exquisite ideas would connect with the reader through quality presentation and immersiveness. Our storyboard makes learning more natural and fun.

  9. Photomatic Storyboard Services

    We create a photomatic storyboard before your project enters a fully-fledged production. This enables you to see what the finished results would appear and if needed make tweaks before it becomes an expensive fix.

  10. Illustration Storyboard Services

    Get high-quality professional illustrations done by VA who are qualified in the process and have 10+ years of experience in offering the same services with newer methods and technology. Being highly skilled in the process they have incredible visual skill in detail correction.

  11. Digimatics

    If you want something more sophisticated than photomatic, try the digimatics and get the sketches strung digitally to give you're an immersive perception of the time and motion. We have already served digital marketers and ad agencies with digimatics and you could take advantage of our offering.

  12. Storyboards for Creative Direction

    Our VA is experts in creative direction storyboards. They take a collaborative approach by working with copywriters, directors, and designers to create sophisticated storyboards executed with style and perfection.

  13. Color Storyboards

    We use a color palette of your choice to flesh out your ideas into visually rich color storyboards. We create vibrant tones that are color-enhanced to perfection.

  14. Concept Panels

    Get high-quality concept panels done with a dollop of creativity so that results are amazing to the eye, complete with dual-tone perfection. We create custom panels for commercial presentations and public locations where the idea sells better.

  15. Continuity Boards

    Capture different poses uniquely with continuity boards so that the content can be visualized in detail. Get a detailed account of camera poses before the actual shots. This service is ideal for direction to plan camera poses and position.

  16. Thumbnail Sketches

    Get high-quality thumbnail sketches done by experts who use technology, visualization, and understanding of the context to improve the finish. This service also saves you the cost of hiring an FTE and paying the benefit.

Storyboard Creation Process Followed by Our Virtual Assistants

At EVA, we emphasize transparency. Our remote workers explain the methodology involved in the storyboard services project and the expected turnaround time. Once you acknowledge the process, we will carry out the project in full swing. Our Storyboard Services process is as follows -

1. Identification of Tasks for Storyboard Services Virtual Assistants

The storyboard services tasks will be identified and mapped to Virtual Assistant

2. Documenting the Procedure

Through collaboration, we capture your requirement and the frequency at which the needs repeat

3. Test Procedural Validity before Delegation

We will test the procedural validity and ensure the process is feasible at the requested volume and TAT

4. Task Delegation

The responsibilities would be delegated to the VA, post-NDA formalities

5. Using Tools to Handle VA Tasks

We use automation tools to complete the process as per the guidelines

6. Competency Assessment

To eliminate complacency, we constantly evaluate our team's progress to ensure the workflow is on track

7. Optimization of Procedure

We look broadly into the project to determine ways the process can be optimized to maximize efficiency

8. Process Documentation

We will document the process to enable our team to scale seamlessly

Why Should You Hire Virtual Assistant for Storyboard Services from EVA?

When you hire a Virtual Assistant for storyboard services from a storyboard services service provider like us, you get remote worker support to cut down the time spent honing your design skills or hiring an FTE on the payroll. Here is why as a Virtual Assistant Company for Storyboard Services we think you should choose us -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    Pay no more than the services you've received when you partner with a virtual assistant storyboard service provider like us.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    Forget all administrative hassle by talking to us because we bring our admin to the game to ensure you're free from all responsibilities.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Forget all payroll hassles by working with us as we manage our VA and they are hired by us to offer specific services for you.

  • Quality Services

    It is quality that drives us to become the best virtual assistant provider to the art, business, and entertainment industry.

  • Timeliness

    We are watchful of our deliverables and ensure that services are spot on and in time.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    We have truly specialized experts with decades of expertise in a range of tasks.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    Scale effortlessly whenever possible and take complete advantage of our ability to deliver more and better.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We ensure the confidentiality of your data as we have a robust in-charge of data security.

Hiring a Storyboard Services Virtual Assistant Doesn't Cost Much!

If you have a short-term project or one that doesn't justify hiring an FTE, it's practical to choose the help of a virtual assistant from Express Virtual Assistant. It only costs $8/hour, a small portion of what you pay an FTE on payroll and it helps you get relieved from more repetitive responsibilities. Plus, you get the quality work done by people who are true professionals.

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