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Virtual Assistants for Medical Billing Services

Get ready to have your medical billing requirements handled by professionals who are the backbone of many other healthcare clients, at rates starting at $8/hour

Our virtual assistant for medical billing can help you handle your healthcare practice's invoicing. Integrating effortlessly with your everyday workflow, we swiftly complete regular activities such as validating patient insurance, resolving patient queries, updating hospital billing software, and preparing patient payment plans, among other things. All of our medical virtual assistants must pass rigorous HIPAA compliance training which includes best practices for patient privacy. We all know that administrative duties may divert physicians' attention away from their primary goal - treating patients. You may go back to what matters most by employing a virtual medical assistant to do those chores.

Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) is a prominent Medical Billing business that can offer you a professional and knowledgeable virtual assistant for Medical Billing services to help you streamline your practices and deliver better patient care. We are committed to offering expert-level virtual assistants. All of our healthcare virtual assistants have received comprehensive training in medical systems and software to guarantee that they are armed with the resources needed to thrive in your organization.

Medical Billing Services Our Virtual Assistants Provide

We are a leading provider of Medical Billing services and our virtual assistants are qualified and experienced to provide the following services -

Pre-certification & Insurance Verification

Pre-certification & Insurance Verification

Before a visit, we obtain the patient's list, the insurance card, and the demographic information required to complete the necessary procedures. These details are then delivered to the appropriate hospital or clinic.

Patient Demographic Entry

Patient Demographic Entry

Medical billing experts collect various demographic information about patients before they submit their forms. This includes their name, address, date of birth, insurance details, and medical history. We check this information for existing patients and make any required modifications to the patient records on the practice management system.

CPT and ICD-10 Coding

CPT and ICD-10 Coding

Our coding team is composed of experienced multi-specialty coders who are trained to follow both the ICD-10 and CPT codes. As a trusted medical billing company, we only accept superbills that contain diagnostic comments that do not include either ICD or CPT codes. If codes are already present on the superbill, they must be checked by our coding team to avoid any 'up-coding' or 'down-coding,' and therefore any rejections.

Charge Entry

Charge Entry

The price schedules have been added to the practice management system. The billing professionals then ensure that all the data is included in the claim and is ready to be filed.

Claims Submission

Claims Submission

As a trusted virtual medical billing service provider, we use the online practice management system to submit claims. Claims are then checked for quality before they are sent. A rejection report is then sent to the clearinghouse which is followed by a review and resubmitted.

Payment Posting

Payment Posting

Our staff receives scanned EOBs and checks for payment posting. Every payment is recorded in the system. Every day, the amounts from EOBs/checks and the amounts posted in the system are reconciled. These data are entered into a daily log which is updated daily.

Account Receivables Follow-up

Account Receivables Follow-up

When you outsource virtual assistant for medical billing services, all claims in the system are reviewed, and priorities are established. First, the claims nearing their filing deadlines and then working backward from the claimant's age. Periodic phone, email, and/or online follow-ups are conducted to obtain the status of each claim submitted to the insurance provider.

Denial Management

Denial Management

Our senior billing professionals are responsible for reviewing and processing denials. They then contact all parties involved to follow up and record the action in the system. We will contact patients to obtain their billing information and update their COB with their insurance companies.

Process Followed by Our Virtual Assistant for Medical Billing Services

To assign duties to our VAs, we use a tried-and-true procedure. Our process is as follows -

1. Task Identification

We will compile a list of the duties that you want the virtual assistant for Medical Billing services to complete

2. Documenting the Procedure

Any existing procedures or processes that you have will be documented for our VA to use as a reference

3. Procedural Validity Check Before Delegating Tasks

Your current workflow will be tested in a simulated environment to ensure that all deliverables are of adequate quality.

4. Delegation of Tasks

Based on their competencies, we will allocate the selected duties to the virtual assistant for Medical Billing services

5. Using Further Tools to Handle VA Tasks

Our virtual assistant for Medical Billing services will recommend the usage of additional technologies that may improve the procedure

6. Competency Assessment

We will review the VA's performance regularly to ensure that he or she is continuously doing successfully

7. Procedure Optimization

Our virtual assistant for Medical Billing services will make proactive recommendations to increase productivity and efficiency

8. Process Documentation

The VA's performance and deliverables for telemedicine services will be documented for reliable record-keeping

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for Medical Billing Services from EVA?

Outsourcing virtual assistant for medical billing services to EVA makes sense for a variety of reasons, including -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    You don't have to worry about hidden fees when you use our virtual assistant for Medical Billing services.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    We manage all administrative parts of our virtual assistant's work for Medical Billing services.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    We handle all of the VA payroll requirements for telemedicine services, lowering your administrative load even more.

  • Quality Services

    We will assign the best VA for your project based on their qualifications and expertise, ensuring that you receive the best services possible.

  • Timeliness

    Our medical billing virtual assistant will always deliver on time.

  • Specialized Professionals

    Hiring a virtual assistant from us for Medical Billing services means you have a seasoned executive on your side.

  • Flexibility to Scale

    If you need more virtual assistants for your project, we can quickly locate and offer extra VAs.

  • High Data Confidentiality

    Your information will be processed only by the virtual assistant for Medical Billing services.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Medical Billing Services is Highly Cost-effective!

Medical billing necessitates a particular skill set that can only be provided by a trained and professional VA. Furthermore, the virtual assistant for Medical Billing services must be well-organized and capable of multitasking in a fast-paced workplace. While many outsourcing businesses claim to be able to supply highly qualified VAs, the fact is that only a handful of them follow through on their claims. With us, however, what you see is what you get. Our track record of serving a large number of clients attests to our expertise and dependability. Furthermore, our virtual assistant for Medical Billing services is accessible for as little as $8/hour!

Our Pricing plans

Hire VA for Medical Billing Services from EVA

EVA is a pioneer in matching customers with the best virtual assistants to meet their diverse needs. The same is true for our medical billing virtual assistant services. We have worked with many clients from various healthcare industries and throughout the world, and we completely understand their need for specialized and personalized services. Our virtual assistants have extensive experience and skill in delivering highly specialized medical billing services and simplifying our clients' processes and workflows.

For the time being, contact us and we will gladly explain and take you through our capabilities and services.

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