Virtual Assistant for Appointment Scheduling

Never miss an appointment or important client call with EVA's appointment scheduling services, by hiring VAs to professionally manage your schedule 24X7

Are you still wrangling client calls and appointment scheduling on your own? Is your business in need of a professional to free your hands? If yes, hire a virtual appointment scheduling assistant to prevent upsetting your business momentum. At EVA, we have professionals you need for appointment scheduling. With our partnership, you can rest assured that your appointments are fixed on schedule.

Express Virtual Assistant (EVA) provides skilled virtual assistants that you can trust because we understand your strife in every business engagement and how it is important to be punctual whether it is a phone call, video, or in-person appointments. When we are not innovating, we are fielding client challenges like clockwork. Our adeptness in keeping you organized 24X7 cannot be matched by other vendors.

Appointment Setting & Task Management Services We Offer

Hire EVA's Virtual assistants for appointment scheduling and task management if you are contemplating professional help to handle appointment fixing tasks. Once you hire a virtual assistant to schedule your appointments, you can eliminate the backend bottleneck with ease. When you outsource appointment scheduling to EVA's virtual assistants, they will understand your requirements and performs tasks accordingly. Their comprehensive duties include -

Scheduling General Appointments

Scheduling General Appointments

We will help you book appointments without hassles so that you need not worry about double booking, phone and email tag, or worse, no-shows.

Appointment Confirmation by Email

Appointment Confirmation by Email

With an innovative way, we have enabled one-click appointment scheduling via email that will enable you to book an appointment with colleagues, partners, and clients without fuss.

Plan Out-of-town Appointments to Engage Prospective Buyers

Plan Out-of-town Appointments to Engage Prospective Buyers

Our VA can manage your tasks and appointments to help you efficiently plan an out-of-town trip to connect with buyers and potential clients. You can leave your worries behind because we can manage your agenda to make meetings productive for your business.

Planning Appointments for Business Conferences

Planning Appointments for Business Conferences

Planning to participate in business conferences can demand a significant amount of your personal time. Our virtual assistant can handle planning details to ensure that your schedule is spick and span.

Calendar Management by Exporting Crucial Appointments

Calendar Management by Exporting Crucial Appointments

Your calendar can be managed with surgical-like precision. To do so, we identify and migrate priority appointments to your calendar. We will isolate and schedule the event, so it is easier for you to keep track and stay organized.

Schedule Customers Meetings

Schedule Customers Meetings

Meetings with customers can be crucial for notifying project updates, making decisions, and general collaboration. Getting attendees to converge at the same time can be an arduous task and we undertake the role by scheduling key meetings using a sophisticated scheduler.

Configure Automated Email Reminders

Configure Automated Email Reminders

Setting up email reminders can be a challenge if you are already stretched between multiple tasks. We make this task easier by sending automated reminders to attendees so that they are reminded in time.

Lunch Meet Appointments with Overseas Clients

Lunch Meet Appointments with Overseas Clients

Lunch meetings can help you reinforce client relations and get business discussions happening on the go. Our virtual assistant can ensure that your clients are happy by scheduling lunch meetings as planned. If your clients are unsure whether your business is capable of supporting lunch meetings, we facilitate the engagement and set a positive ground for the outcome.

Schedule Conventions with Stakeholders

Schedule Conventions with Stakeholders

Conventions with stakeholders can be slightly complicated because each stakeholder may have a calendar of his or her own to manage. Our remote workers will collaborate with your stakeholders and ensure that conventions are a success.

Appointment Scheduling Process Followed by Our Virtual Assistants

The process of delegating appointment scheduling functions to our virtual assistants can save you the stress of managing multiple business functions. We always take time and effort to help you understand how we process the requirement without the risk of expenditure running high. Here is the snapshot of our process -

1. Identification of Tasks for Virtual Assistants

The appointment scheduling functions are carefully studied, and the task will be cut out based on the VA' cultural fit and expertise

2. Documenting the Procedure

If you are already following a standardized process it would help us move ahead faster by referring the instructional material

3. Test Procedural Validity before Delegation

We take great care to avoid missteps in the process that can yield results contrary to the expectations. We encourage you to test the procedural validity of your instructions

4. Task Delegation

We will select the VA on the merits of cultural fit and their adeptness in the technology used at your end. We will provide additional training to ensure maximum compliance

5. Using Tools to Handle VA Tasks

We train our virtual assistants in sophisticated schedulers and appointment setting software to help them achieve expected outcome

6. Competence Assessment

Our review team will run a periodic assessment to check compliance with the deadline and if goals are being achieved on time

7. Process Documentation

We will maintain comprehensive documentation that will help us backtrack problems if any. It also serves as a document that will act as project archives

Top Benefits of Hiring a VA for Appointment Scheduling & Task Management

A full-time appointment scheduling and task management professional can cost you upwards of thousands of dollars and that doesn't include employee benefits and leaves that the employee is entitled to receive. If you do not have the expenditure to cover the cost of full-time employees, EVA's VA can offer help. Outsourcing virtual assistant for appointment scheduling can bring you the following benefits -

  • Pay Only for the Work Done

    Starting at only $ 8 an hour, our affordable solutions may matter to your business. You can subscribe to our solutions without owning scheduling tools or full-time resources.

  • No Administrative Concerns

    Running a full-sized appointment scheduling system can cause administrative tangles that only add up to your planned expenditure. We make your role easier so that your attention can be invested in making critical decisions rather than fixing an appointment.

  • Zero Payroll Hassles

    Having full-time employees can increase your responsibilities where employee benefits, taxes, appraisal, and other accompanying cost are thing of past should you outsource virtual assistant services for appointment scheduling to us.

  • Quality Services

    If quality is a major concern, Express Virtual Assistant's virtual assistant for appointment setting solution is your best bet to ensure excellent service levels.

  • Timeliness

    Punctuality in service has become our signature trait. Our virtual assistants handle scheduling functions within the agreed turnaround time. We always go the extra mile to deliver solutions in time.

  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

    Ensuring the cultural fit is one of the steps we take so that you are always satisfied with the outcome. We have a professional team of virtual assistants who can schedule tasks and appointments by understanding your business philosophy.

  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    The services offered by EVA are scalable. This serves in the interest of all our clients because if your requirements evolve during the service, we are always equipped to handle the situation.

  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

    Confidentiality and privacy of your project is an utmost concern to us. We take the best measures to prevent your data from falling into wrong hands. Since our employees have signed the NDA, they are obligated to handle your data only in ways prescribed in the Non-disclosure.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant for Appointment Scheduling Doesn't Cost Much!

No upfront or hidden charges will be levied when you hire a virtual appointment scheduling assistant from Express Virtual Assistant (EVA). This is because we provide quotes for the service alone. By ensuring transparency in how we calculate the rates, we promise to give you a competitive offer that can't be matched by competitors. At only $8 an hour, we offer nothing but the best virtual assistant for appointment scheduling.

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